What I Eat #20

I’m on a personal roll lately. On Sunday I showed you some personal pictures from my Instagram account, on Saturday I shared my Empty Products with you and today it’s time for another installment of What I Eat. And it’s about time, because no. 19 happened a little over 2 months ago. Here’s some of the foods I’ve been munching on in the mean time. Links to available recipes are listed behind each dish.


Yoghurt with fruit, nuts & seeds (x3) & prepped porridge

I love making breakfast and while my favorite breakfast is still yoghurt with (dried) fruit, flax seeds and some type of nut, I’ve been trying to change things up too. In the past few weeks, I’ve been munching on breakfast muffins, breakfast crumble, and porridge among the usual. I’ve been loving having breakfasts that I can prep in advance, throw in my bag and get out the door.


Pepedew spread on gluten free buckwheat crackers
Bacon & Egg muffins (recipe here)
Blueberry banana protein breakfast muffins (recipe to come in the next few weeks)
Spinach omelet with goat’s cheese.

Apple with peanut butter
Carpaccio (not homemade)
Homemade gluten free bread with and without spread

For lunch I’ve mainly been keeping things simple as well. The everlasting salad was becoming a bit drab so I am now having a warm lunch at work. I just take some leftover dinner with me and have that. Easy peasy, yummy and nutricious all in one go. What you see in the picture here is one of my attempts (and the only good one so far) to bake some gluten free bread. This was the first that looked and tasted like bread. However, the top didn’t rise very nicely so I still have to figure that out.


Fall casserole (recipe here)
Fettucini porcini (@ Jamie’s Italian in London)
Creamy pasta with cauliflower sauce (recipe here)
Cauliflower pizza (recipe here)

Chicken 2 ways:
1. Grilled chicken breast with brussels sprouts and mushrooms
2. Chicken drumstick with broccoli
Everything omelet (one of those, I have leftovers let’s chuck it all in a pan days)
Chicken soup & garlic bread

I’ve had a few naughty dinners. First up, while I was in London I didn’t stick to my wheat free mojo too much. It’s just too difficult and I was only there for 4 days, so I decided to indulge and have pasta, porridge and the like. The other week I was feeling a bit drab and I was craving chicken soup on the way home from work. So I went to the store, bought a can of what used to be my favorite chicken soup and a garlic bread. I liked the bread, the soup not so much. Chicken soup isn’t supposed to taste sweet now does it? And this did. Yuck!


I honestly have no clue what went into these precisely. The yellow one is most likely pineapple. The pink ones at the top I guess were raspberry protein shakes and the bottom pinky/ purple one is beetroot with blueberry and yoghurt. Yes, beetroot, in a smoothie. You should try it! It’s surprisingly nice and I’ve been having one or two of these every week lately.

What’s the last thing you ate?

6 responses to “What I Eat #20”

    • Bijna elke dag. Not gonna lie. Ik loop elke dag door het station met major cravings op de weg naar huis en ik heb er nog niks op gevonden om er vanaf te komen.

      Maar doordat ik verder gewoon gezond eet kan ik het me permiteren om helemaal los te gaan en af en toe te snacken. Ik mag van mezelf 1x per week naar Starbucks en in het weekend gaat er een reep chocola of een zelfgemaakt baksel doorheen.

  1. Dit ziet er echt allemaal zo lekker uit. Ik ben echt blij dat ik jou blog gevonden heb. Perfecte afwisseling van eten, beauty, fashion en reizen. En laten dat nou net mijn 4 grootste interesses zijn 😊😊

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