MAC Objects of Affection Pink & Rose pigments & glitter

Up until now I had never purchased anything from a MAC Holiday collection. Every year, all the items that had caught my eye had already sold out by the time I could get my hands on anything. And I hadn’t expected to be able to pick anything up this year. However, I found myself in Amsterdam a few weeks ago and since I needed a few things anyway, I decided to check out MAC. Pretty much everything was still available and I took home this gorgeous package containing 4 mini pigments and 1 glitter.

MAC Objects of Affection collection
Pink & Rose Pigments & glitter
Whisper Pink – Tan – Rose – Reigning Riches – Heritage Rouge

The gorgeousness I’m talking about is the Objects of Affection Pink & Rose pigments and glitter. Don’t be fooled by the name, because this set is not as pink as the same might suggest. All these colors are very wearable. I chose this set because it seemed the most interesting, yet still something I would wear. They also had these sets in beige/ bronzes/ brown shades, but since I already own tons of brown eyeshadow I felt it wouldn’t justify buying something this special and have it be so everyday.

At a price of €33, this isn’t cheap, but compared to a full size MAC pigment (which costs €21) this is a very good deal. Each container contains 2.6 grams of product. In comparison, a regular pressed MAC eyeshadow contains 1.5 grams of product (and costs €17.50) and I’ve never even used up one of those. In other words: for the money you get quite a lot of product and it will last you a life time.

One obvious reason to pick this up is the gorgeous packaging. It reminds me of an old fashioned make up compact because of the faux Victorian embossed emblem on the front. The lid is covered in glitter and the side is rimmed with an embossed pearl look. The plastic that the pigments come in felt a bit thin and cheap, so I did take them out and put them elsewhere. I am now reusing the container to house fragrance samples.

But the real beauty is inside: 4 pigments and one glitter all in gorgeous rosy/ coppery/ purple shades. In total the five shades are very versatile. It starts with a soft shimmery pink shade, a neutral with a pink undertone, a gorgeous pink with gold glitter, a coppery glitter and a purple with reddish pink undertones. Remember my saying that I bought this because it seemed interesting but wearable? I hope you can see why…

The 5 bottles are small, but as I said before contain 2.6 grams of product, which is more than a regular MAC eyeshadow. The containers themselves I’m not too fussed about. The lid closes just fine and there’s a little lid on top on the inside to prevent the product from spilling everywhere. Unfortunately that little lid can only be picked off the top if you have longish nails and the opening it reveals is very very small. I found the best way to get product out of these containers is by scooping a bit out with the back of a teaspoon. Another way is to place your finger over the top and shake, but that doesn’t make for very precise application.

Time for a closer look at these shades.

Whisper Pink

The first shade is Whisper Pink is a shimmery soft pink that is fairly sheer and takes some getting used to. I found it makes for a gorgeous inner corner shade, but doesn’t perform very well on the brow bone. The product seems to simply fall off.. probably due to he fact that it has a slightly chunky texture. I also used a bit of this over a different eyeshadow the other day. I simply dabbed some of this shade on top of the eyeshadow (a silvery purple) with my finger and I loved the effect that gave. This shade is quickly becoming a favorite.


The second shade was the deal breaker for me. Tan us a taupy brown shade with a pink undertone. A very neutral and basic color, but with a twist. I can see this working with the Urban Decay Naked 3 shades and I love these muted dusty rose shades. Pigment wise this one impressed me most as well. This is so buttery soft and smooth and just goes on like a dream. This is by far my favorite shade in the entire set.


Rose is the third shade and the reason why I was doubting buying this set in store. It looks very pink in the bottle, but once swatched this is the most stunning shades I have ever seen. One of my favorite MAC eyeshadow shades is Paradisco and this is like a more intense version of that. It is a rosy pink shade that leans towards raspberry and orange with golden shimmer. This looks gold or corally pink depending how the light hits it.

Reigning Riches

Another reason why I eventually decided to take this home was Reignin Riches. The fourth shade in this set is a glitter rather than a pigment. I love coppery shades and I thought: how fun would it be to have an actual copper glitter? I’m not much of a gold person, so that’s why this really caught my eye. I had never worked with a true glitter before making this post, so I’m still figuring it out. I’m sure though that the minute I can get this to go on as packed as it looks in the bottle, it will be a smash hit in any look I use it in.

Heritage Rouge

Sealing the deal was shade number 5: Heritage Rouge. This is such a stunning shade. Again, comparing it to a MAC shade you may now: Sketch. But this is more cranberry and less purple and has the prettiest shine to it. It’s the most intense cranberry/ burgundy eyeshadow I now own. Like tan, this goes on buttery soft and is super finely milled. A great shade for darkening up any look that requires a bit more depth but if you want to forgo blacks or browns.

Whisper Pink – Tan – Rose – Reigning Riches – Heritage Rouge

Swatchy time! These swatches were done without any base. Hello prettiness! I love the sheen of Whisper Pink. I already mentioned the opaqueness of Tan and Heritage Rouge and this swatch also shows off Rose in all its glory. As I said above, I’m still figuring out glitter, so if you have any tips on how I can use this so it goes on opaque, please leave a comment below!

Of course I had to make a look with these shades straight away. I used all shades to create this. On my lips I’m wearing YSL Rose Perfecto. I also used the glitter, but you can barely see that as I simply dabbed it on with my finger. It showed up better in real life than it does on camera though.

Inner corner: Whisper Pink
Lid: Rose
Crease/ lower lashline: Tan
Outer V/ lower lashline: Heritage Rouge
Dabbed onto the lid: Reigning Riches

Rest of my make up:
NARS Laguna
The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer
Benefit Erase Paste
Dior Nude Shimmer Rose
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
The Body Shop eyeshadow 13
Catrice All Matt  powder
Dior DiorSkin Nude foundation in 010 Ivory
L’Oreal Butterfly mascaraCatrice brow definer
Catrice brow shaping gel
YSL Rouge pur Couture the Mats 207 Rose Perfecto

What is your favorite product from the current MAC holiday collection?

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