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It’s winter which means it’s the ultimate time to cozy up on your couch with a blanket and some tea. But what to watch? I stopped watching television more than 5 years ago. I still watch the odd movie and TV series (but only in bulk during the weekend or vacations). On a more day to day basis, I find myself watching youtube videos. And I’m not too sure how I feel about that yet. In any case, I have started following a few new channels recently. Well, new to me anyway.


If you’re not watching Anna yet, then where have you been hiding? I started following her, after I also started watching her friend Lily Pebbles who was featured in one of my other favorite youtube channel posts. By now, I think I like Anna’s videos a bit better than Lily’s. Her style is mostly monochrome, simple and every day. She has a great sense of humor and she seems very honest about her opinions.


This girl knows her cakes! Cupcakes that is, as the name suggests. I found her through Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube. This is the first video I watched and can you just say: OMG! And pretty much anything she makes looks delicious. From gluten free cupcakes to pumpkin brownies and nut brittle, so far I’ve liked everything she does. And she makes it all seem so easy. I don’t think I could ever get the piping on my cupcakes that even.


The next channel is by New Zealand gal Shannon, who is a true make up hoarder. However, she does put it to good use. I don’t enjoy all her videos. I find her overall look a tad too plastic-y. She tends to review entire lipstick lines (like she does here) in one video and tries them on at the same time. That is very handy if you’re looking for certain brands and shades of lipstick. She also has a MAC one and if you have the time, make sure to watch her most recent make up collection video. If anyone ever tells me again that I have too much make up, I’m going to make them watch that video, from start to finish.


I found this channel because Jenn from ClothesEncounters did a colab with them. It seems to mainly be a fashion channel, but they also do some beauty and lifestyle things. The videos are short and snappy. A bit too short perhaps, but it does get to the point quickly. I like the fashion videos like the ones I have posted best. A few outfit inspirations all in under 3 minutes. I don’t like all the outfits, but it makes for some entertaining inspiration.


Finally, I’d like to share Tati’s channel. I honestly do not understand why this lady doesn’t have more subscribers or views. The reason I started watching her was because of her Make Up Graveyard videos. She’s very productive and posts new videos every weekday. Again, like Shannon, her style is not really my cup of tea, but she certainly does tons of reviews in different forms. I also like her drugstore hauls where she goes to the drugstore and buys a ton of make up using coupons. It’s like extreme couponing, the make up edition.

Please leave a comment down below and let me know what youtube channels you’re watching!

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