10 dresses for the colder months

Who wears a dress in winter? Well I do! I think it a shame that hardly anyone decides to wear a dress when it gets colder. Dresses are so comfy and with a thick pair of fleecelined pantyhoses it is warmer than wearing pants. Really, it is. Here’s to hopefully awaken some women (or men?) to the greatness that is a dress, with 10 gems from my collection that I love to wear when it gets cold.

As you can see these babies all have a print or other fun detail that makes them easy to wear and the center of any outfit you throw on. All you need are some basics such as solid black tights, a black blazer or cardigan and a black pair of your favorite shoes and you’re good to go. In winter I tend to pair my dresses with all black, but of course you can also go with creams or other colors such as browns if you find it fits better. Right, time for a closer look.

Indigo/ purple daisy print skater dress (New Look)
Psychedelic kaleidoscope print bodycon dress (H&M)

This first pair of dresses both fall into the purple tones. Florals are very appropriate for winter. Even this mostly spring type daisy print makes the transition to winter because of the darker background. The dress itself is not made of the thickest material, but if you wear a vest top underneath, and a long sleeved cardigan, you will not get cold. The dress on the right is made of a super stretchy material that is on the thicker side. It also goes down to just on or over my knees, giving a bit more coverage and thus warmth when temperatures drop below zero.

Mustard & navy polka dot skater dress (Bershka)
Floral print skater dress with orange, mustard and green, with bib detail and peter pan collar (Asos)

Two of my favorite dresses to throw on during fall & winter are these two which do not only keep you warm, but also fit nicely into the time of year when it comes to the color patterns. I wore the polka dot dress in this very old fall/ winter lookbook post. Here I paired it with navy blues, but it can be worn as easily with black or other colors that tickle your fancy. The floral dress I wore in a more recent fall lookbook post. I paired this dress with cream tights and a cream cardigan at the time, but I can also see this being paired with greens or blacks.

Red a-line dress with houndstooth print front (Kling via Men at Work)
Burgundy flowy dress with side button details (Mint & Berry via Zalando)

The red a-line dress I’ve had for years and it’s one of my favorite items in my wardrobe. I always pair this with a black wooly cardigan and my Dr. Marten’s. It’s a very thick fabric that is nice and warm, so this always works. The burgundy dress is a tad oversized, which makes it extra drapy and perfect for layering underneath. Again I like pairing this with black tights, black shoes and a black blazer or cardigan.

Tapestry print skater dress with metallic golden thread (River Island)
Green, orange & white baroque print skater dress (Love via Topshop)

On to two of my favorite dresses. I love wearing tapestry print dresses in winter. I don’t know why but it makes me feel very cozy. This number has metallic thread infused in it which makes for an extra wintery vibe. The other skater dress you may have seen before, because I styled it up as one of my 5 favorite dresses earlier this year. It is again not the warmest dress ever, but it’s so easy to combine with items that turn this into an instant winter staple.

Tartan print a-line dress (Love via Topshop)
Fall color striped dress (Band of Gypsies via Asos)

Finally, two dresses that are anything but standard. I found this tartan print dress at Topshop in London last year and I’ve worn it quite a bit. It is made of a fairly heavy cotton blend so it’s super easy to wear and nice and warm too. I also wore it in one of my more recent lookbook posts. The final dress I tend to wear with browns and a tan belt. It is made of a super flowly material, but is actually made with several layers of fabric. That causes this to be one of the warmest dresses I own. And it’s got pockets: who doesn’t love pockets right? Again I styled this up a while ago.

How do you wear your dresses when it’s cold?

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