NOTD: Rose gold galore

Rose gold is everywhere nowadays and when I found these two rose gold inspired nail polishes last year I thought they would make a great combo to hop on to the trend. They are both super affordable, as they’re by budget brand Catrice, and I absolutely love the colors.

The two polishes are from limited editions that were released last year and I don’t think you can still find them anywhere by now. But I think both colors are absolutely stunning, so I could not keep this from you. Both shades are rose colored and one is a holographic glitter and the other is a full on metallic.

Catrice Haute Future LE C03 iROSEdescent
Catrice Metallure LE C03 Metalight

The first polish is iROSEdescent which is the holographic glitter. I applied it to 4 of the nails on my left hand and my ring finger on my right hand. Metalight is the metallic nail polish and I did the reverse for that: 4 of the nails of my right hand were coated with it and only my ring finger of my left hand.

I love both of these polishes because they are so unique. Metalight is a bit streaky in its application (and subject to ‘bubbles) but I find the color unique and stunning enough to make up for that little fault. iROSEdescent is quite possibly one of the best holographic nail polishes I own. Above I tried to capture its beauty in a picture but as with anything glittery: pictures just don’t do it justice. It is one of those nail polishes that, once on your nails, you keep staring at.

The other products I used for this manicure are as follows:

  • Trind Nail Repair as base coat
  • Sally Hansen Insta Dry top coat

What do you think of this nail polish look? Is this something you would wear? And which one of these two is your favorite? Please let me know in a comment below. Enjoy the rest of your Thursday and make sure to stay tuned as I have a music related post online at 3 PM today.

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