10 brow bone highlight shades that work

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No matter how simple I keep my eye make up, a brow bone highlight is something I cannot live without. Even if all I do is slapping on some cream shadow and mascara, I will still make the effort to apply a highlight to lift my eye. Today I am sharing my 10 favorites.

10 favorite brow bone eyeshadows

Of all the different eyeshadows I will be showing you, we will dive into the cheap drugstore versions, the medium range offers and lastly, also a few high end options. I’ll be giving you close ups of all the colors and you can fin swatches of all 10 shades at the end. Some of these highlighters are more noticeable than others. Most of them are subtle and matte, because that’s how I like my brow bone highlight best.

The Body Shop Eye Colour Matter no. 13

First up is my long time favorite brow bone highlight by The Body Shop. As you can see, I love this because I’ve hit a good case of pan on this. Unfortunately this line of eyeshadow has been discontinued and you can now only find these in sale bins. Hence, I have 2 back ups of this waiting to be used. Both back ups cost me only 3 euros each. Bargain! For me this color is the perfect blend of cream and white and it’s a very subtle shade, but still noticeable.

MUA Matt eyeshadow Shade 16

Another bargain is this pinky shade by MakeUp Academy. In the UK these eyeshadows retail for 1 pound. Over here they cost a little more, but it is still no more than 2 euros. What a steal! And this is also the perfect skin toned highlight color for me to boot. This was upped to my favorite list the minute I started using this. This is perfect for those days when white or creams look too stark, but you still want to create that lifted look.

 Catrice Velvet Matt eyeshadow in 010 Vanillaty Fair

We’re slowly going up the price point ladder with this shade by Catrice. I picked this up in Germany over summer and this has held up great so far. these eyeshadows are so soft, that they break quite easily. The pigmentation on this is amazeballs. I use this on days where I want a more noticeable highlight. Because despite the fact that this is a matte shade, the pigmentation on this kind of makes this pop out anyway.

Catrice Liquid Metal Eyeshadow in 010 Look Me in the Ice

The first shimmery highlight and what a shimmer this has! It is also the only highlight in this blog post that is closest to white. This eyeshadow has the most gorgeous shimmer and can completely pull a look together. And this doesn’t just work on your brow bone: your inner corner will love this shade too.

L’Oreal Infallible 002 Hourglass Beige

The L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadows are notorious for their great quality and when I bought this last spring, I was blown away. I already had a few of the darker shades, but because these shadows are quite expensive in The Netherlands, I hadn’t tried too many yet. But then I visited a friend in Frankfurt and saw these were so much cheaper in Germany so I snatched up a few of the basic shades. Super pretty and shimmery champagne color.

MAC Vanilla, Dazzlelight and Yoghurt

On to the higher price tag then. First up are three MAC shadows. In my MAC palette, I keep 3 highlighting shades for my brow bone and I love all three of them. They each serve a specific purpose though. Vanilla is the standard, go to, subtle highlight. Dazzlelight is a shade which I love to pair with an otherwise matte make up look. While Yoghurt is the best highlight shade when you’re using purples and cranberries on my eyes. Not a shade I would have picked out myself, but one the make up artist recommended when I bought a few other shades and I haven’t looked back.

Too Faced The Naked Eye palette In The Buff & Pink Cheeks

Finally we move on to the two shades from my Too Faced Naked Eye palette that I use all the time. In The Buff is a very very subtle highlight. You can barely see it in the swatch below. However, it is a great off white color that is great when you’re pulling off a no make up – make up look. Pink Cheeks is a white with a pink undertone. Because of the pink in this color, it adds an extra bit of a lifting effect as it has that extra touch of brightness to it. Great color for using with a dark smokey eye.

 Too Faced In The Buff – Too Faced Pink Cheeks -The Body Shop no 13 – MUA Shade 16 – Catrice Vanillaty Fair
L’Oreal Hourglass Beige – Catrice Look Me in the Ice – MAC Vanilla – MAC Dazzlelight – MAC Yoghurt

And that’s that! 10 brow bone highlight shades that are great no matter what. From the no make up – make up look to the matte look and from a smokey eye to a cranberry eye: finding the right highlight shade can make all the difference. I hope you enjoyed today’s post and let me know in a comment below what your favorite highlight is!

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  1. xchinouk Avatar

    Wat leuk om te zien, hele fijne highlight shades. Zelf gebruik ik MAC Accentuate, dit is Pro Powder en zit in een losse pan, heel handig, not. En ik gebruik ook vaak Catrice Ice White Open! Beide matte tinten, want shimmery op m’n wenkbrauwbot vind ik vaak niet zo mooi helaas 🙁

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Ik ben ook geen fan van shimmery maar soms kan het toch wel heel erg mooi zijn.

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