Sassoon Edit Hold finishing spray

Today I’m reviewing the Sassoon Edit Hold finishing spray. This high end haircare product has been a game changer for me. I was never a fan of hairspray. I bought a can 3 years ago and still have finished it. It’s too sticky, it stinks and it weighs my hair down rather than make sure it stays in place. So unless I was looking to make sure something would really hold, i.e. some of the vintage hairstyles I created, I stayed away from it with a 10-foot-pole. Would this really be any different? The answer is yes!

Sassoon Edit Hold finishing spray

For the price I paid for this hairspray, I certainly hoped it would be no ordinary hairspray. Because this product doesn’t come cheap. I bought it at my hair dresser’s at the beginning of October when I last got my hair cut. I feel like by now, after almost daily use, this huge can, which contains 400 ml, is around halfway done. So it does last you a while. It retails for €25 euros. And for that you get no ordinary hairspray.

The hairspray comes in a huge white container. It’s truly gigantic, as I was trying to show you with this picture. The packaging is simple and fuss free. It also tells you that the full name of this product is Sassoon Edit Hold Re-Workable Long-Lasting Finishing Spray. Quite the mouthful, but that’s the idea behind this spray. It should not only set your hair in place, but it should make sure your hairstyle lasts all day and you can simply run your fingers through your hair to give your hair a quick re-boost. Also, it should be non-sticky, add volume and have little to no buildup. Woah! If it does all that, it would be close to a miracle not?

According to my hairdresser this spray is the result of what would happen if an ordinary hairspray, a texturizing spray and a dry shampoo had a baby. The product is meant to be used on dry hair and as a finishing touch to your hairstyle. I don’t know too much about hairspray ingredients, but it does contain perfume, so I’m pretty sure this isn’t for everyone. It smells nice though, not too overpowering and definitely not as chemical as a regular hairspray.

The product itself is dispersed when pressing the top of the can. A powerful burst of product is released as a super fine mist. The product is a little bit sticky, but not as liquidy as for instance the L’Oreal Elnette hairspray that I’m used to. It has a slight powdery texture, but less so than an ordinary dry shampoo. It feels a little bit gritty, but not as much as a volumizing powder or texturizing spray. And yes, this product does work for all those aspects.

I use this spray as following. I wash my hair the night before and tie my hair into a bun, hair still wet. I let it dry overnight and when I wake up, I immediately take out the bun, so my waves can relax a little. I comb through with my fingers and first give a good once over with the spray while leaning my hair forward. This maximizes volume. Then, I spray some on both sides, the front and the back of my hair. I then scrunch my hair with my hands and that’s it!

The result? My waves stay put all day and I can now go two days with my naturally wavy hair without it looking limp on day 2. All I need to do is spruce it up with some more spray. For extra volume, I sometimes apply a bit to my roots too. All I need is to scrunch up my hair with my fingers and poof! Since this isn’t a real dry shampoo, I still use that on day 2 hair to remove any oils from my scalp and make my hair look cleaner. This does not transform my hair into a sticky mess by day two like a regular hairspray does on me and so far I didn’t not find it doing any damage to my dry, brittle hair either.

If you are looking for a hairspray that does not weigh down your hair, is easy to use and makes your hairstyle last, this is for you. It is now all I use and my texturizing and volumizing sprays are sitting useless in my drawer. It made life super simple and without doing anything to my hair I don’t want it to do.

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