NOTD: Let’s get lost in Vegas

Am I the only gal on the planet in love with the Catrice Luxury Lacquers line? I hear nothing but a beep about the new line Catrice released last year. First as a limited edition and now as part of their regular line available in stores which sell the expanded range. The colors are stunning. It often involves in your face glitter and the lasting power is really good. To make sure at least someone writes about these, I am showing you a pale purple glitter called Let’s Get Lost in Vegas.

Catrice Million Brilliance Let’s Get Lost in Vegas

Because when I say full on glitter, I mean full on glitter. This glitter polish goes on opaque in two layers and is dominated by the large pale purple/ lilac glitters that you see lying on top. But when you look more closely you’ll see that in the base of the polish there is a good sprinkle of multicolored holographic micro glitter. I am in love!

The polish doesn’t go on very smoothly. Some of those large chunks of glitter can go a bit astray (see my ring finger), but overall this went on fine. You do end up with a pretty thick layer on your nails as the glitter is packed in so densely. That of course means that this needs a top coat to make it last, because if this polish isn’t protected it will simply chip of your nails in one go.

Unlike some of the other Million Brilliance polishes in the line, this polish therefore lasted not as long. But then again that could also be because of my super weak nails. I am not the best person to judge a nail polish’ lasting power as my nails are very bendy which causes many polishes to simply chip or become ugly quickly.

It’s a tad messy, but I love what this polish looks like in the end. It reminds me of a very pale version of the universe where the large glitters are the planets and the holographic specks are the stars. For some it may be a tad too in your face and crazy, but personally I love a bit of craziness on my nails.

What do you think of the Luxury Lacquers by Catrice?

P.S. Today there will be no music post. I have been sick since Saturday and have been managing to keep things going. However, two blog posts in one day is a bit much for me right now. I have pretty much recovered by now though (still a little weak because I hardly ate anything for days), so next week I’ll be back with the usual on Thursday: a music and a nail polish blog.

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