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It’s sweater weather and so I figured it would be fun to show you some of my favorite sweaters. I have quite a few sweaters, 4 stacks to be exact, and I seem to favor black and grey, black and white and grey sweaters. Every year I decide I need more color in my sweater collection and thankfully I now have a quite a few other colors in the collection than I had before. Below you can find an array of different sweaters, but on the whole, these are all big and baggy: my favorite!

Black & grey striped sweater (Cheap Monday)

My first sweater is also one of my newest additions to the collection. I bought this last summer in Copenhagen during the summer sale. This knit is made of the softest cotton and therefore not too hot and not too cold either. It’s big and baggy and I love wearing this with black skinny jeans or leggings. The latter I only wear around the house, but it does make for the comfiest outfit ever.

Cream loose knit sweater (H&M)

I’ve worn this sweater so many times that it is slowly falling apart. Then again this was a fairly cheap sweater, so it’s not too big of a deal. It is the comfiest thing ever and I especially love this in spring. I layer it over a tank top as it is quite see through. This sweater paired with a dark blue denim is a great casual outfit.

Grey boyfriend fit sweater (Vila)

This is quite possibly the oldest sweater in this collection. I have had this for years and wear it all the time, but never to work. At least not anymore, I may have worn it to my job when I first got it, but I was quite a bit younger then. It’s too casual for work now, but I wear this around the house, running errands, when I go to the gym. The jersey material makes it so soft and easy to wear too. Yep, this is quite the allrounder.

Red, black and grey marbled color block sweater (Mango)

On to the more fun numbers. This sweater in particular has a lot of things going for it. From the front it looks like your everyday sweater, with that fun bit of color blocking. But then you turn it over and it has buttons. Buttons down the back. And it is made of wool too, so this is a great winter staple for me.

Black & White bouclé sweater (Topshop)

If you can find yourself a nice bouclé sweater I highly advise you to buy it. I have one from Topshop and not only is this comfy it is also nice and warm. I love how this sweater has black trim on the cuffs, hem and neckline. It gives the sweater a bit more edge. The fabric itself feels nice and thick and the texture always makes this a great center piece of any outfit.

Black & White paisley print sweater (H&M)

Last but not least, I bring you my favorite printed sweater. Because prints make the world go round. At least my world. And this sweater is also quite different. This is a men’s sweater. I own a few men’s items in my wardrobe, and this is one of them. This sweater is made of the softest jersey material ever and goes with so many things because of its color scheme. The crazy print makes it the focal point of any outfit. Not convinced? Then stay tuned, because next week I will be posting my first of 3 winter look book posts in which I will be styling up this sweater as well as a few others that I haven’t shown here.

What is your favorite sweater?

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  1. sophiestraalt Avatar

    Ik heb een mega tui van de Pieces, die zit super lekker en staat stoer. Ik vind hem echt heel leuk! Jij hebt echt veel truien, leuk!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Ja lekker zo’n megatrui! Ik heb een leuke van Topshop, maar die komt binnenkort nog voorbij.

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