Lookbook winter 2015: Sweater stylin’

Brrr, it’s been cold the past few days. Winter has finally arrived and so it’s time to get started on a winter Lookbook! In today’s edition I’ll be styling up some sweaters. So many sweaters, so many ways to wear them. I already showed you my favorite sweaters last week and only one of those made the cut for this outfit post. Sweaters are easy to style up and make for an instant comfy outfit, no matter how you combine them!

1.) Neutral slouch

Dusty rose & metallic thread sweater (H&M)
Grey Joni jeans (Topshop)
Lowrise Chelsea ankle boots (New Look via Asos)
Tooth necklace (Six)

This first outfit is super casual and easy to wear. I love wearing lighter tops with my grey Joni jeans. To make it a bit more winter appropriate I paired these jeans with black booties and matched my necklace to it. The sweater is a tad baggy and the sleeves are bit too long but it adds to the casualness of the outfit. It was hard to capture on film, but what keeps this outfit from being boring is the metallic thread that is woven into the sweater.

2.) The fashion victim

Black knit sweater (H&M)
Black and white striped pencil skirt (H&M)
Heeled Chelsea boots (H&M)
Tights (Hema)
Red faux coral necklace (gift from a friend)

A monochrome outfit. I love color, but a good black and white, minimalistic outfit is worth giving a shot at times. I love pairing an outfit like this with a bright lip (this is Lady Danger by MAC). Yes, make up can be an accessory! And I personally love this combo. The stripes break up the outfit nicely, while wearing the sweater over the skirt gives off a certain je-ne-sais-quoi vibe to the outfit. It also shows enough figure, without giving too much away.

3.) Prep + velvet

Polka dot blouse (H&M)
Burgundy sweater (H&M)
Velvet skirt (H&M)
Burgundy brogues (Bronx via Peppermint)

Whoops a lot of H&M in this post (but what else is new right?). I love H&M for their sweaters and easy accessibility. So I have quite some items in my wardrobe. I had been on the hunt for a burgundy sweater for ages, and finally found one this season. It has a very straight cut, so it’s great for tucking into skirts. The higher neckline also allows for just a pop of collar to peep through when you pair a button up shirt underneath. To add a fun element to this outfit, I made sure to make that button up a polka dot printed one. Just because my love affair with polka dots is far from over.

4.) Clashing prints

Paisley print sweater (H&M men’s)
Polka dot circle skirt (H&M)
Leather heels (Tube via Peppermint)Chain necklace (Forever 21)

A printed sweater makes a great eye catching piece in your closet. If you then pair it with a clashing print (hi, again polka dots), you get an outfit that simply works. I kept everything quite simple because there is just so much going on with the prints. The heels are super old, but one of my comfiest pairs. And yes, that sweater is from the men’s department. When it comes to sweaters and blouses, I sometimes like to check the men’s section for some more unique finds. This may very well be my favorite outfit in this post.

5.) Pastel grey

Baggy pastel rainbow sweater (Topshop)
Dark acid wash Joni jeans (Topshop)
High top sneaker in silver and yellow (Nike via Footlocker)Geometric necklace (Primark)

Don’t be fooled by this one. At first glance this sweater looks grey, but it’s not. In fact, the yarn is a pastel rainbow of colors that blend together from a distance. Closer up you can see the fun colors. This sweater is super baggy and therefore one of the comfiest sweaters I own. I always pair this with tight bottoms and my Joni jeans always serve that purpose. And yes I was having a bit too much fun while taking these pictures. Can you blame me?

How do you wear your sweaters?

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