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I stopped watching TV years ago. Instead, I’ve found myself more online, reading books or watching television series. However, one of my favorite past times is watching youtube videos. Some of my favorite videos are well executed make up tutorials and I thought it would be nice to share with you some of my favorite tutorials. Most of these I loved watching and many I’ve rewatched again and again trying to master the tricks shown in the video. I hope you like these as much as me!

Pixiwoo – Kristen Stewart

The Pixiwoo sisters do some great looks. I used to be very into Twilight and I like the make up Kristen Stewart wore during that period. Since I’m no longer following her career I have no clue what’s she’s wearing now, but this make up inspired me to try and make colored smokey eyes.

Lisa Eldridge – Plum make up

Lisa Eldridge is my favorite professional make up artist on youtube. Her looks are always classy and she gives great tips regarding flawless yet natural make up. After watching this tutorial I wore purple/ plum eye make up for a week.

Lisa Eldridge – How to wear an orange lip

I loved the look this tutorial builds up to. It starts off very light and subtle but by the end there’s a full on orange/ red lip and a smokey eye. I used this tutorial for inspiration of my 30 Day Challenge day 11.

Wayne Goss – Winged eyeliner made simple

Cat eye/ winged eyeliner is not my forté. I hardly ever wear it as my eye shape just doesn’t go with this type of eyeliner. But some looks simply require this very specific technique. I didn’t get how to do it until I found this tutorial. You can do this with a felt tip eyeliner but I’ve also used this trick with gel eyeliner.

Julia Graf – Blue smokey eye

Julia Graf is one of my favorite youtubers. She does an array of different looks. From natural, to creative and around Halloween time she does some great horror type special effects looks. This is one of her more out there creative looks and I just love how she clearly explains what she does and creates the most amazing things.

Lisa Eldridge – One lipsticks, many ways

Another one by Lisa. She’s simply the queen of make up to me. This tutorial shows you how you can go from day to night just by changing up your lip color intensity. It was the final push I needed to start wearing bold lip colors.

Shaaanxo – Ombre blue eyeliner

I don’t enjoy all of her make up tutorials, but she’s got some cool ones in there. This one I loved as it’s a great spin on one of my favorite make up looks: the 50s pin up girl look. Next time I get a chance to wear a retro look, I will be trying this out.

That’s it! Seven make up tutorials that I enjoyed and taught me something new.
What are yours?

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  1. Chinouk Avatar

    Leuk om te zien! Veel van die dames bekijk ik ook op Youtube. Rachel Talbott is ook een favoriet, zij focused zich op simpele make-up en vooral veel “routines”, ze heeft ook goede skincare adviezen!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Rachel Talbott ken ik niet, dus die zal ik eens op zoeken.

  2. robin Avatar

    dat gothic elegance filmpje is perfect! niet om te dragen maar zo om te zien is zooo mooi <3

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Als je in het Zuiden woont is het nog wat voor Carnaval 😉

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