What I Eat #22

It’s been a while again, so time to show you what I’ve been eating in the past few months. Since January I had a lot of social gatherings, which makes it harder for me to stick to my regular mojo of wheat free eating. I did alright though, but I do feel that some of the weight I had lost before the end of January has been gained back. So I’ve decided that the next 3 weeks will have to be better. It will be easier as I won’t have as many moments where I am not the only person deciding what to eat. So here’s to 3 weeks of absolutely no unhealthy foods! Wish me luck.


For breakfast I am still eating very similar foods as I usually do. Yoghurt is my usual breakfast when I go to work as it is quick and easy. I sometime still make my version of overnight oats that I still love. I found a wheat free granola at my supermarket that I love as well and I’ve been having that for breakfast for a few weeks over the past few months. Eggs are also a major breakfast food for me as are banana-egg pancakes. I never skip breakfast. I get cranky when I skip meals and breakfast especially.


Lunch wise I’ve been keeping things simple. At work I am mostly having salads or dinner time left overs. Since I’ve been out and about so much, I’ve also grabbed lots of meals on the go and those of course weren’t always the healthiest. The only pictures I’ve taken of lunches that I’ve had are the Easter brunch my mom put together on Easter Day and a cracker, banana bread, veggie leftover thrown together lunch I had a while ago.


As I said, I’ve been having dinner foods as lunch a lot lately. Think lentil soup, pastas and anything else I’ve been cooking. Some dinners I documented are a delicious vegetarian curry I made when I had a friend over. The other night I decided I wanted steak so I had some. I also had some pizza, salads and loads of eggs these past few weeks. Lately I have found I really enjoy having boiled eggs on rice cakes.


Snack wise is where things have been sliding down hill. This pictures do not entail the amount of chocolate I had in the past few weeks. Oddly enough, I never take pictures of those moments of weakness. I did make some oatmeal cookies (healthy ones!), hummus and salad filling a few weeks ago so not all of it was bad. And I cannot pass up my moms apple turnovers.


Lately I’ve been getting the hang of smoothie making again. I can’t wait for May, because that’s when all the good fruit will be around again. Beetroot is still a favorite ingredient to use in my red/ purple smoothies, but I also indulged on a peanut butter chocolate shake and some fruit only smoothies containing frozen strawberries and bananas. Sometimes, simple can be oh so good.

What foods do you enjoy on a regular basis?

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  1. Looks great, and healthy! I just started a teatox, which I’ll combine with healthy food (anything that’s not fried, no sweets etc etc) and a good workout 5 days out of the week! So far so good. The tea is helping me not crave ANY sweets which is incredible.

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