L’Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim felt tip eyeliner pen

When I posted my review of the Essence Superfine eyeliner earlier this month, I promised I would post reviews of other eyeliner pens if people were interested. In the comments, I found that people were, and so today I’m bringing you a review of the L’Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim in black and blue. I hate how felt tip liners mostly come in black only. So I thought it wouldn’t hurt to review a colored one for good measure. Here’s how I feel about the L’Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim in Intense Black and Blue.

L’Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim felt tip eyeliner pen Intense Black & Blue

This felt tip eyeliner is a medium priced eyeliner. I used this in only the black version in the past and loved it. But since it retails for €13.99 a piece, I did not bother repurchasing it until I found these on sale. The black one I have had for some months now and the blue I’ve only had for a few weeks. So far, the black one has not yet dried out and it still works very well.

The packaging of the eyeliners is identical save for the different colored cap which indicates the color. This eyeliner is also available in a dark green shade which also looked interesting to me. However, since blue eyeliner is on trend for spring/ summer 2015, I decided to purchase that and try whether this on trend item would a) perform well and b) look good on me.

What L’Oreal says:

Easy application, Superliner Perfect Slim eyeliner is so precise and easy to use with its 0.4mm tip.
Create your precise feline eye look with this intensely black formula, that will last you all day.

One thing this eyeliner is famous for is how easy it makes for precise eyeliner application. It was one of the first felt tip eyeliner I ever tried and the first eyeliner I ever successfully used for drawing on a winged eyeliner shape. So if you’re a noob at winged liner I can recommend you checking out this eyeliner. Let’s see if this product holds up to some of its claims.

As you can see the tips on these eyeliners is very long and pointy. The tip is very fine and nicely saturated with color. What I do find difficult with these sometimes is that when I am drawing on a winged liner that the color is no longer saturated in the tip by the time I move on to eye no. 2. So the second round is always a tad more difficult than the first. When you first look at the tips you cannot really see a difference between the black and the blue color, but when you swatch these you definitely can.

Both of these swatches is one sweep and one sweep only. Like L’Oreal promised these liners go on opaque in one go. As you can see the formula of the black liner is quite wet and it runs into the finer lines of my skin. It is therefore highly recommended to use at least a primer and a matte skin toned eyeshadow underneath these to make sure they last longer. I find that these last long, unless I draw a wing. I have fairly greasy lids as it is and I found that it doesn’t last all day on me as they start to smudge after a few hours. The oils in my skin dissolve the eyeliner fairly easily and I am left with stains especially around my outer corner. However, I only have this problem when I draw on a wing, if I do not do that I have far fewer problems with the staying power of these eyeliners.

Of course I also tried these on my eyes. The black goes on smoothly and as you can see it is easy enough to draw a thin, fine line. I have fairly deep set eyes so I need to be able to draw the narrowest line possible if you want to see anything of my eye look. That is why I usually stick to very simple eye looks when applying any type of liquid eyeliner as I hate having put all that work into an eyeshadow look only to cover up 2/3 of it with eyeliner.

The black goes on black and is easy to use. It is that the Essence one costs only a quarter of this one that I am more likely to repurchase that over this one. I find they do very similar things. I think the difference between those is that this has a slightly more glossy finish and the Essence one dries more matte. But that is not a difference worth 10 euros to me. The Essence one is very comparable and much more affordable than this. That doesn’t mean I don’t love this, I just wish it would cost less.

On the blue liner. This one is definitely more special and I would be willing to pay 13 going on 14 euros for an eyeliner that is as vibrant in color as the packaging promises it to be. And color wise this doesn’t disappoint. The liner is a swell royal blue color that I think is unique and different. This is an eyeliner that I would pair with an eye and make up look that really makes the blue liner pop, so that is what I tried to do when I created this make up look.

Where I love the blue color, the texture of it needed a bit more work to go on opaque. Since the first sweep gives you a nicely opaque line, the second time you run the liner over your lid to even out the line the liner sometimes drags across your skin and takes off some the color you applied earlier. This made the blue eyeliner trickier to apply. It is also why there seems to be a color difference: when you let the liner dry a bit first, and then go over it again, the color becomes darker and looks more navy than royal blue. In itself I don’t find that a problem, but this blue eyeliner definitely needs a bit more effort to make it look.

My final conclusion about these eyeliners is that they do an excellent job at creating eyeliner looks. It was one of the first slim felt tip eyeliners on the market and it really sets the mark when it comes to performance. For the black one I think you can easily find dupes that are much cheaper that work as well as this. For the blue one a dupe will be much harder to come by that is more affordable than this. That is why I would be more inclined to repurchase the blue one from L’Oreal and find the black one some place else. Regardless though, these eyeliners are a fail proof purchase so when you do find yourself able to buy these, they do come highly recommended.

What is your favorite type of liquid eyeliner?

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