1 dress, 5 ways to wear it

Versatile clothing pieces are a must have in any closet. Anything that can be styled up in different ways are the pieces that usually last longest in my wardrobe in any case. They are less likely to go out of fashion and if you style them up wisely you can wear them to any occasion. In this post I will be taking you through how I would style up this simple grey spaghetti strap dress 5 different ways.

Last year these strappy dreses were everywhere, but now they are more difficult to find. You can easily substitute this for a different grey dress that has a different top section. I personally no longer own this dress. Not because I no longer liked it but because I had a mishap with concealer one morning and I could not remove the stain it caused. I wish they would do these again this year, as I wore it constantly last summer. I bought it at H&M.

1.) Fresh & dressy

Blazer (H&M, shoes (Van Haren), belt (H&M)

My first way of styling up this dress is a more dressy outfit with a pop of color. The color scheme is basic and fresh because of the white blazer. The bright pink belt keeps the outfit from becoming boring and the heels are just a great basic to have.

2.) Dark it up

Cardigan (H&M), shoes (Van Haren), necklace & tights (Primark)

Because the dress is so light, you can easily make it more winter/ fall appropriate by adding all black items and a silver necklace. Keeping everything black can bulk things up so that’s why I opted for a lace cardigan. It adds texture and keeps the outfit from becoming too black.

3.) Pop of neon

Denim jacket (Mango), neon coral necklace (H&M), neon yellow espadrilles (H&M)

Of course you can easily style it up to look more casual. I added a denim jacket because that is a summer staple for me. Then I added some fun accessories by adding a neon coral necklace and neon yellow shoes. I bought these highlighter yellow shoes last year and they are still going strong. It usually leads to many people asking where they are from and lots of stares.

4.) Warm up for fall

Cardigan (Urban Outfitters), belt (Bershka), shoes (Sacha)

I didn’t want to make these outfits just summer appropriate but wanted to make sure I included options that showed you how this item could be worn year round. By adding a chunky knit cardigan in a fall proof rusty orange color, I think this would make for a great fall option. The shoes are a more sturdy looking biker boot and to line up with their tan shade, I added a similar colored belt. To counter the overall tough look, the belt has a bow detail on the buckle.

5.) Make it a skirt

Blouse (Forever 21), shoes (Converse)

The fifth option is to add a knotted blouse on top. This will instantly turn the dress into a skirt which is one thing that is great about these simple skater dresses. The polka dot print of the blouse gives it a retro feel and to keep things fun looking I think a very casual shoe is best worn with this. Converse All Stars go nicely with everything I find, specially skirts and flirty skater dresses.

Which of these outfits would you wear yourself?

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