‘Old skool’ make up products

I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years now and have been using make up intensively for a little while longer. I thought it would be fun to revisit some of my old favorites, from way back in the day. Back when my stash could fit into one single make up bag, knew how to do one type of eye look and did not own a single foundation. Here are some classics from my make up collection.

One condition for the products featured here would be that I would still be using them if I’d want to. I have used many different products throughout the years and I gave away or had to throw away many products in the past. One because they expired, or because they no longer worked for me as I had found a better alternative. These products lived in my stash until my last clear out, or are still there.

Missha BB cream in no. 13 Bright Beige

Before I started using foundation, I used BB cream. Before that I just used some face powder and even before that I used nothing to cover up my face. Face make up was the last step I took in my daily make up routine as I had a hard time finding the right shade and a product that didn’t give me an allergic reaction.
My first real face make up was this BB cream by Missha. A true Korean BB cream, this has whitening aspects, but when I first bought this travel sized version to give it a try, I absolutely loved it. It was my go to face product for a long time. If you click the link above, you can read the review I wrote years ago.

Rimmel Moisture Renew lipsticks

Lipsticks were another make up product that took some time for me to get into. I found that my make up would look ‘too much’ if I wore it so at first I played it safe. Some of the first lipsticks I bought are these Moisture Renew ones by Rimmel in Cherry Blossom and Rose Sorbet. Both colors are no longer available I believe, but these made for some great starter lipsticks. If you click the link above you will find an article in which I swatched both of these.

Benefit Fishnets eyeshadow

A make up product that was one of the first things I bought when I became truly interested in make up was this supersaturated dark brown eyeshadow by Benefit. If you click the link you can see it on. I usually apply this as an eyeliner and I still use this from time to time. I go through phases with my eyeliner and whenever I hit an ‘eyeshadow as eyeliner’ phase, I still bring this out. It is truly the deepest, darkest brown eyeshadow I own that is quite difficult to blend, which is why it works as an eyeliner. Unfortunately, they no longer make this anymore.

MAC Studio Sculpt concealer in NW15

The only concealer I owned for years is this one by MAC. I no longer use this on a regular basis, but as you can see I did hit pan on this, which means I used to use it a lot. I last used it in the post you an find by clicking the link. And by now I am sad to say that it will have to go soon. When I opened it last week to create my flapper girl look, I thought it smelled quite strange. The texture is still the same and it still applies nicely and it didn’t break me out or anything, but seeing it no longer smells nice, is a reason for me to throw it out.

The final product is one that has always slipped through the potential blog post products. Yet it still is a product that I used so much that the shadows have a very big dip in them. I used to use this all the time when I was traveling and whenever I wanted to create a grey smokey eye. It is a very handy little palette that actually has a decent brush to apply the shadows with and so I used it all the time. By now it lies forgotten in the back of my stash, but it is a product I cannot throw away as it is still a palette that I like to throw in my bag for vacations and shorter trips.

What are your ‘old skool’ make up products?

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