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A new month = a new letter of the alphabet. In other words, a new letter in the alphabet of my music favorites. Today’s letter is the P and I have again a little bit of everything, as you should know by now. From The Beatles, to Radiohead, singer-songwriter Kate Nash and 80s poppy new wave: yup it’s all here again.

Palomino – Duran Duran

This is a b-side that not many people talk about when it comes to the Duran Duran catalogue. In my early 20s, so nearly 10 years ago, I went through a major Duran Duran phase. I could not stop listening to their music, bought a few of their records second hand and even went to one of their concerts when they did a come back stint in the mid naughties. This is one of my favorites by them. It may sound sappy and dreary at first, but it has some interesting twists.

Paperback writer – Beatles

My favorite Beatles’ song? I have a few, but this is high on the list. This song always cheers me up. I love the lyrics. I think they are really funny and a little cheeky, which was something the Fab Four were pretty good at. It also has some nice verberating electric guitar riffs, catchy harmonies and just an overall solid pop song that is a straight up earwurm to round it up.

Paranoid Android – Radiohead

I started life not convinced of Radiohead’s music. They were huge back when I first started watching MTV, way back when they still played music videos. I did not understand Karma Police and this video was even more mindboggling for my 13 year old self. The song however, always stuck with me. As my music interests shifted from pop charts to more and more indie finds, I started to appreciate their music more as well. This track was on a compilation album I bought when I was 16 or 17 and I remember jamming to this in my bedroom at home, with the volume turned up way too high.

Play For Real – The Crystal Method featuring The Heavy

On to something different now. I first heard this in a CSI episode. That was my favorite TV show for a long time. They have a knack for picking great soundtracks and this song played at the beginning of the episode. I instantly loved it, googled it and found it. Not only does it have a great rock/ dance vibe to it, but it also features The Heavy. At the time this song was released they were one of my favorite bands and I saw them live twice in the time span of a matter of months.

Pumpkin Soup – Kate Nash

A singer songwriter album I obsessed over when it came out was Kate Nash. This song was my favorite from that (as well as Foundations). They are quite solid songs about the not so sunny female perspective of relationships. Her lyrics in any case do not deal with the usual: I love you, you love me, oooh let’s be happy type of happy go lucky songs more female artists churn out. I saw her live when she released her second album, but I didn’t like her show, nor her second album all that much. I just stick to playing my old favorites from time to time.

Any favorite songs starting with a P?

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