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They may look scary in the pan, but they actually make for a great summer blush color. Red blush is my favorite blush color to wear in the summer months. It is a great color to where when you’re slightly tanned, but also when you remain pale, they are the best way of giving yourself that sunkissed look.

To show you how I like to wear red blush, I have decided to take 3 different options from my stash. Each color has a different effect on the face. These aren’t all the different red blushes I have. I have at least one other red blush, but that is by Chanel and is a cream blush, which I feel falls in a completely different category. But these are 3 different blushes in 3 different price ranges that do comparable things.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting blush in Diffused Heat

The first blush is also the most expensive blush. Expensive, but also with the most natural, glowy effect of the three. Of all the Hourglass blushes on offer, I decided to go with this glowy rosy red shade. Mainly because I found this shade to be different from anything I already owned, I decided to give it a go. Because it is infused with a glowing luminizer, it is definitely not as intense as this might seem at first sight. On the cheek this goes on like a dream. It is easy to blend, looks very natural and it became an instant favorite. You can see in this blog post what it looks like on.

Rival de Loop Mono Rouge Pink Grapefruit

From most expensive to cheapest product. Rival de Loop is a German drugstore brand that I found out about last year. When I visited a friend in Frankfurt, I did a spot of shopping an decided to try a few of their products. One of those products was this blush. It isn’t technically a red-red, but it is a pinky red which really makes for a healthy complexion. Its name couldn’t have been more apt as the shade is truly like the inside of a pink grapefruit. This is a very buildable blush and can be applied subtly or more intense. I am wearing it on my cheeks here.

Sleek blush in Scandalous

The third blush is the most intense blush. Like most Sleek blushes, Scandalous is super pigmented and can only be used if you’re using a light hand. But with a stippling brush, a light dusting of this bright red shade makes for the perfect sunkissed look. This blush gives the effect of a slight sunburn. Paired with a slight tan, this blush is extra gorgeous. It is apparently a dupe for NARS Exhibit A and I have had this for a while. So I’m not sure whether this is still available. You can see what it looks like on in this next picture:

Pink Grapefruit – Diffused Heat – Scandalous

The three different blushes on a row. You can see pictures of what these look like by clicking the links above or in the pictures above. Diffused Heat is the most natural of the three. Pink Grapefruit is an absolute hidden drugstore steal. While Scandalous is the most out there, it can be very easily be made into a wearable blush.

The crux of the matter is that red blush is super wearable no matter which one  you pick. All you need is a light hand to prevent yourself from looking like a clown and you’re good to go. No matter your skin tone, no matter your age, red is a blush shade that is perfect for anyone any time, but summer most likely.

Have you ever used red blush? If not, would you like to try it?

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  4. Mariyam Avatar

    Finally, I found someone who likes red blushes too. I think red blushes look pretty when applied with the right technique. My favorite is NARS Exhibit A.

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      That is a classic red blush. I am currently into Bang by Urban Decay.

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