Pastel nail colors

Are you tired of pastel nail colors yet? Good, because I am on a major pastel kick lately. Pastels are usually a type of color that I wear mostly in spring and true, technically it still is of course, but I have a feeling I will be wearing pastels for the rest of summer. And to take you along my pastel craze, I decided to do a blog post on my favorites.

In part, my pastel nail polish craze started because I bought a few new pastel shades. The Barry M polishes I bought in England have been high on my to try list and so I have been wearing a lot of pastel on my nails lately. That is also why this post features two of my new  Barry M shades, but there are also 3 shades that I have had for a longer time.

L’Oreal Color Riche 852 Pistachio Drage

Starting off with possibly my favorite pastel nail polish shade. L’Oreal does some great nail polishes, but their pastels are simply the best. They go on opaque (which for pastel polish is great) and they stay put a good couple of days. The bottles are tiny, but then again, using up nail polish is quite difficult. This color is my favorite as it is a light green, I love pistachio ice cream (it’s my favorite) and it was the polish that got my love for pastel nail polish started. You can see the color on my nails in this post.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Huckleberry

A new shade that I bought just a few weeks ago is this pale blue/ mint shade. This is a special shade as it looks blue at first sight, but next to a blue it looks more green. So yeah, that’s one thing that sold me on this polish. The other thing that sold me on this is that it is in one of my favorite nail polishes. I sing the praises of the Gelly Hi-Shine all the time, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise. You will be able to see this shade on my nails very very soon, as I have a post coming up with a collection of polishes I wore this spring.

Barry M speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint in Stop the Clock

Another new polish that I reviewed a few weeks ago is the Quick Dry Nail Paint by Barry M as well. Stop the Clock is the prettiest yellow shade. To my surprise this polish went on opaque in 2 layers, which for a yellow polish is some great performance. I mean, pastels are hard to get right, but yellow especially is a shade that usually goes on streaky, but this is totally creamy and the quick dry formula lives up to the name. You can see this polish on my nails on my Instagram: @indiequeen84.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Rose Hip

When you talk pastels, a soft, baby pink shade needs to be part of the deal. Pinks are not my favorite when it comes to nail polish, but this one I loved the minute I saw it. It is simply the perfect soft pink color. This does go on a tad streaky, but that problem is solved by adding an extra layer. So this does require 3 layers, but this color is too pretty not to wear.

L’Oreal Color Riche 851 Nouvelle Vague

My final favorite pastel colored nail polish is this lightly lilac shade. Again by L’Oreal this actually the first L’Oreal color I bought. This is what had me sold on the line and made me pick up others from the line. It is slightly darker than the other shades, but it is perfect if you’re looking for a bright, but nothing too out there type of shade. I am wearing it on my nails in this nail art post.

I hope you don’t mind my raving about Barry M polishes, and sharing tons of pastel and light nail polish shades. But it is simply what I am into right now. It is all I have been reaching for lately and so it is what is featured mostly on here.

Do you share my love for pastel nail polish? What nail polish are you wearing at the moment?

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