Instanails #2

I try to post a new picture on Instagram every day and sometimes those pictures involve my nail looks. I try to take pictures of my nail art/ nail polish for the blog. However, sometimes the pictures don’t come out well or I don’t feel the color or nail art are worth an entire blog post by itself. If I then still want to share it I post it on Instagram and I thought I would show you today some of the polish I wore on my nails in the past few months.

Early this spring, I wore OPI’s Do You Take Lei Away topped up with Essence Party Never Ends. I love pairing nudes with crazy glitters and holographic top coats. Everyone keeps telling me: wear it over black polish! But I don’t like black polish against my skin tone. So I do the complete opposite and use nudes for more of my glitter looks. I bought a few polishes from the OPI Hawaii collection which was released for spring and Do You Take Lei Away is a perfect nude that goes with so many different glitters. It is a perfect basic shade.

After my trip to the UK I couldn’t wait to play around with some of the new Barry M nail polishes I had purchased. I love Barry M nail polish, it is one of my favorite brands. This pretty pastel blue is Eat My Dust from the Speedy Quick Dry line and absolutely love what this looks like on my nails. As you can see in this blog post I have been digging my pastel nail polish shades!


This combination took a bit of something new and something old. The pastel green polish is OPI’s That Hula-rious, also from that same Hawaii collection as the first polish in this post. As a glitter top coat, I decided to go with one of my favorite, yet sadly discontinued glitter top coats by Essence. There used to be a time when Essence did so called ‘nail art twins’ which consisted of a cream base color and matching glitter top coat. The polishes were all named after bookish couples. The glitter topcoat I am wearing here is called Edward. Love the Twilight reference and I’d be lying if I would say I didn’t buy this because of that reference.

As far as Barry M polishes go, my favorite line by the brand is the Gelly Hi-shine line. This mauvy pinky shade is from that line and is another shade I picked up last May when I visited my friend in England. This shade is called Fondant and I love how pretty this looks on my nails. Not in the first place because my nails look absolutely perfect in this picture too. They were nice and long until they started breaking like mad again. Well, that’s the price you pay for not taking good care of your nails I guess.

I made this nail look completely convinced that I would be using it for a blog post. Only to find that a) I already posted something similar last year and b) I nicked it too, which make it look less than perfect. I still really liked this combination of OPI You’re Such a Budapest from the Euro Central collection topped up with a Golden Rose glitter in 105 from their Jolly Jewels collection.

The final and most recent nail polish I wore is another Barry M Speedy Quick Dry. This is quite possibly one of the prettiest yellow nail polishes on the planet! Stop the Clock is a great pastel yellow that goes on opaque in two layers, dries quickly and stays put for a good few days. I love how this yellow looks against my pale hands. It has quickly become one of my favorite nail polishes.

What have you been wearing on your nails?
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