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The letter Q, not an easy one to find many songs for. That’s why this is a bit of a mish mesh of different songs. None of these songs are necessarily life long favorites, but they just sound nice. From tango music all the way to French chansons: like always I’m taking you on a trip around some of my favorite songs in my music collection.

Que Vendra – Alfredo Marcucci, Lo

Yes, tango music. I have quite a strange taste in music sometimes, but when the music is good, it’s good and that’s all that matters. I forgot how I came across this song, but I remember loving it straight away.

Queen Charlotte Of The Hyenas – Chucky Danger

This track never fails to put a smile on my face. And that’s why it belongs in my list of favorites. It’s as easy as that.

Queen of the City – Joshua James

I came across Joshua James via one of my indie playlists and I immediately liked what I heard. Queen of the City is one of my favorites as it has quite the earwurm chorus. I also love the vocals on this.

Queen of Tomorrow – The Twilight Hours

Another easy listening track. This sounds like something that could have been released in the 90s, but it wasn’t. It’s a track from 2009, but sounds like a toned down version of Smashmouth or dare I say Counting Crows. This song is definitely in the same vein as those bands and I love it exactly because of that throwback quality.

Quelqu’un m’a dit – Carla Bruni

We started this  post with tango music and we’re ending it with French singer songwriter. Before Carla Bruni became the first lady of France she was not only a model, but she also released a few albums. A few of those songs made it onto my playlists and this song in particular has been a standard in my music collection.

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