Tuned up Thursday: Songs of the week #14

So much music, only so much time to listen to it all. And even less time (and space) to post it all on here. It’s only natural then that a lot of tracks that I end up selecting for my shortlist end up slipping through the net and would never see the light of day, if it wasn’t for this blog post. So today, I am bringing you 5 gems from my random songs playlist that I have been keeping from you for too long. There’s rock, there’s dance, there’s pop: in other words, a blend of songs which is usually the case. I hope you enjoy!

Caravan Palace – Clash

Let’s start with a very fun and happy track shall we? A blend of 1920s/ 1930s swing and straight up dance: this song is perfect for when you want to not sit still for a little while. Its catchy rhythms blend together well with the choppy horn section and vocals.

Headaches – Snacks

On to something to slow you down after that. This track has something dreamy about it. However, it is also has something angsty to it. As if it is anticipating something special that is about to happen. By the end, this track combines pulsing beats with dreamy soundscapes and that’s why I like this.

Peepholes – Pinnacles

I was convinced I had shared this with you before, but a quick search told me I hadn’t so I figured it was high time. Moody, dark and slightly weird is how I would describe this. If you like that slight 80s dark and brooding type of music than this is for you.

Philco Fiction – Finally

This song has something fragile and vulnerable to it. It starts with very minimal instrumentation, and then builds into a fuller bodies melody line which give this track a more poppy vibe.  I’d say this track lies in the same vein as Robyn or Lykke Li.

The Boxer Rebellion – Diamonds

Pleasant, easy listening, indie rock. That’s what The Boxer Rebellion produces. Their tracks are easy to listen to, their shows are just like their albums: nothing too crazy, but catchy enough that it sticks. A little middle of the road, but I like that from time to time.

Can you share one track that you are listening to right now that you feel I should know about?

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