Summer fashion wishlist

Wait what?! Didn’t you just post a shopping haul 2 weeks ago? Well yes, I did, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t find anything else in the mean time. In fact, while browsing websites to find some fun summer pieces (like the ones I showed you two weeks ago), I came across more than I could buy. But just because I didn’t buy them, doesn’t mean I can’t share them with you. And that’s what we’re doing today! I found these items on H&M and I will provide links too all the items.

Light blue sandals (H&M)
Tan loafers (Asos)
Black strappy sandals (H&M)
Silver t-bar strap sandals (H&M)

Shoes! I thought I’d start with the best category first. The top left pair are a gorgeous light blue and I am quite bummed that they went on sale and now, my size is no longer available. The color is great for summer and I think it would go with many different outfits. I have a thing for tan flats at the moment, and when I spotted these on Asos I put them in my save list immediately. Unfortunately these are no longer available in my size as well. Thin straps sandals are everywhere now and I feel they give an outfit an instant classy feel. Black straps are a classic, but I though the silver ones looked a lot more funky.

Transparent raincoat (Asos)
Blue floral print cardigan (H&M)

I actually don’t own a raincoat. In fact, I haven’t owned one in almost 15 years. For some reason, raincoats are now a trendy thing. They are very much marketed for the festival season, but I would just find it handy to have for all those rainy days. I find them a bit expensive for what they are (over 50 euros for a plastic coat?!) which is why I haven’t purchased one yet. The cardigan looks very fresh and airy to me. A great piece for summer, but I think I would wear this in early fall as well.

Orange toned shorts (H&M)
Wireless bra (H&M)

I have the exact same shorts in khaki and I find them so comfortable that I thought adding a different color would be nice. I love the burnt orange look of this. It is perfectly in line with the current 70s trend and I feel that these shorts with a cream colored lace top would go well together. Suddenly I decided I need a wireless bra. I think they will be comfy to wear around the house on stay at home days.

Coral floral print jumpsuit (H&M)
Rose print jumpsuit (H&M)

Jumpsuits are every where this year and I have formed quite the obsession for them. I bought two from H&M before and I think these two would make a great addition to my now growing jumpsuit collection.

Leopard print dress (Asos)
Cold shoulder shift dress (Daisy Street via Asos)

Where I couldn’t really find any fun dresses these past few months, I now found plenty. I browsed the Asos sale and found all these great dresses that I have now made part of my wishlist. The leopard print dress is a fun, flirty skater dress. The type of dress I like most. Cold shoulder items are a bit tough for me to get away with, but this one is cheap and I like the print so it might be a good place to start.

90s style skater dress (Asos)
Scalloped dress with geometric print (Daisy Street via Asos)

I love the neckline on this first dress! I think it looks so cute and flirty. Not sure whether it would look good on me, but it would be worth a try. Another shift dress by Daisy Street, but this one has scallops on the arms and bottom.

Lace skater dress (New Look via Asos)
Striped tunic dress (Vila via Asos)

The white dress is just so cute and sassy, I absolutely love it. It is from New Look’s petite line, which is why I am not sure whether this will fit me. Petite lines usually don’t just shorten their clothes, but also make them a bit more narrow, so that makes it difficult for me to gauge whether this will fit or not. The tunic dress I love because of the lighter stripe. It makes it seem more light weight and thus perfect for summer.


Straw boater hat (H&M)
Sunglasses (H&M)
Hair tie (H&M)

Finally I have a few accessories. The hat is a bit of a fun item for me. I hardly where hats but when I do I always get compliments. I apparently have a good head and face to be an avid hat wearer and I think this boater would make a fun and edgy statement no matter what outfit you pair them with. The sunglasses I think are just super cool, but I really don’t need another pair. Same goes for the hair tie. I have a few of these. I like the look of them but hardly ever put them to use.

I am sure I won’t be buying all of that. My make up wish list for the US is simply too long and thus clothes have got to go on the back burner for a bit. If any of this is still available once I am back and I am not completely broke after my vacation, I will reassess my wishlist, see what is still available and then decide.

What items have you been eyeing up?

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  1. Awwwwwww it’s always such a bummer when an item you’ve been eyeing sells out in your size:(
    I am totally keeping my eyes open for anything tartan! My wardrobe needs some more prints and the only print I really LOVE is tartan! <3

  2. Tartan is a great print! I have a few dresses and blouses with that print and absolutely love them. Not to mention the tartan kilt I bought way back in the day when I visited Edinburgh on a study trip.

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