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I thought it could be fun to answer some tag questions again. I always like filling out this type of question lists and people seem to like getting to know me a little bit better too. There are 33 questions, so let’s get to it.

  1. What do you hear while you are writing this?
    Murmer of the farmer’s market in front of my door and Ghost Town by The Good Marrows. I like listening to my music play lists on shuffle whenever I am blogging.
  2. Do you feel like eating something right now?
    No, I just had a late breakfast (banana-egg pancakes with fresh strawberries in case you were wondering)
  3. When was the last time you were emotionally broken?
    Earlier this year in April, I went through a tough patch. We had just been informed of my dad’s congenital heart condition and how bad it really was (he’s already had surgery by now and things are on the up), then my mom got a hernia, I was told by my doctor that I might have the same heart condition as my dad (I don’t thankfully) and then, like a sadistic icing on the cake, someone I knew from college committed suicide.
  4. Would you prefer ten children or no children?
    None whatsoever. I don’t have a fervent wish for babies.
  5. Do you think you care too much for your looks?
    At times yes. But there are plenty of times when I think: oh shod it!
  6. What do you think about at the moment?
    What to write in this blog post. Other thoughts are mostly work related and too complicated to explain in a blog post such as this one.
  7. Are you always ready to help your friends?
    I think I am. Maybe you should ask them?
  8. Who is the last person who has seen you cry?
    My mom. We both started crying when we first saw my dad after he had had his surgery.
  9. What do you do when you are nervous?
    I fidget in many different ways. I trace the tips of my nails, bounce my legs, finick with my hair, etc.
  10. Is there a person who completely understands you?
    My mom and closest friends.
  11. Do you have a reason to laugh now?

Yes, I do. I had some great student evaluations and all the work for next year is pretty much done. Freedom at last!

  1. Has anyone ever told you that this person does not want to lose you for anything in the world?
    Yep, my parents and my best friend.
  2. Would you be happier if life had a ‘rewind-button’?
    I don’t think so. What’s done is done. You live and learn and try to do the best you can.
  3. Do you tell everything to your parents?
    No. They do know a lot though, but they definitely do not know everything.
  4. Do you think more about the present, the past or the future?
    I try to focus on the present. The past isn’t much of my concern, but I do have a great memory and remember things most people don’t. With effort I can trace back things I did ten or fifteen years ago to the date and time. I don’t really think much about the future. Thinking too far ahead usually causes me problems and stresses me out. So I just focus on the now.
  5. How many hours of sleep do you get during the night?
    6 – 7 hours. 7 hours is how much I need. So I go to bed between 10 pm and 11 pm and then get up around 6 am. On weekends I usually catch a bit more. But I will always wake up around 6,5 – 7 hours into my sleep cycle.

  1. Are you easy to have contact with?
    I am a very sociable person by nature. I easily make and contain contact with people. However, I am very selective of who I hang out with. I often get the impression that there are more people who like me than I like them. I prefer having a smaller group of friends rather than a massive one.
  2. What is the last thing you drank?
  3. What kind of bed do you have?
    My bed is a king size raised wooden platform with 2 single mattresses squashed together.
  4. Do people see you as an optimist or as a pessimist?
    I think an optimist. I think I am a good natured and humored person. I always think the best of people and in general I view the world from the view point that the glass is half full rather than empty.
  5. With whom (except your family) did you sit in a car lately?
    My mom, my uncle and aunt who drove me to the station after visiting my dad.
  6. What is the last film you saw in the cinema, and with whom did you see it?
    Eeeeeh. Let me think. I haven’t seen a movie for ages. It may very well be The Rover, which was more than a year ago.
  7. Have you ever been hurt by someone of whom you did not expect it?
    Sure was…
  8. What are your guilty pleasures when food is concerned?
    Anything sweet. I have a major sweet tooth but chocolate is my main vice.
  9. Did you buy clothes in the last week?
    Nope not in the last week.
  10. Who is the last person who made you cry?
    Eh me?
  11. What will you do tomorrow?
    Wouldn’t you like to know? Seeing tomorrow is a Monday and it’s vacation, I absolutely have no clue yet.
  12. Is there someone you would love to see right now?
    My best friend as we haven’t seen each other in months.
  13. Do you like cotton candy?
    Yes! I like anything sweet remember.
  14. Did you ever fall asleep against someone?
    Can’t remember I have.
  15. What is your mood right now?
    A bit groggy since I just woke up.
  16. With who were you last night?
    Alone. I love spending my nights alone at home, blogging. It’s a way for me to reset after a long day.
  17. Do you have plans for the weekend?
    Not sure yet. I had such a busy time leading up to summer that I enjoy not doing much of anything lately. I’ll probably do some blogging and read a book?

Feel free to also fill out this tag if you’re interested. And I cannot remember where I found this tag for the life of me. So apologies to whoever made this list of questions.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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