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When it comes to fashion, I love shoes best. They were my first fashion interest and I have built up quite the selection by now. Despite the fact that I have (too) many shoes, I do have certain wishes and demands when it comes to buying shoes. Be it how they fit, to what they look like, not every shoe that tickles my fancy will receive a spot in my every growing shoe collection. These are my criteria.

The first thing I look for is comfort. Whether I am buying flats or heels, a shoe has to be comfortable. This means that I check whether the sole is sturdy and wide enough. For heels I check the width of the heel and whether or not the shoes have a platform. I have wide feet with a high arch, so my feet aren’t the easiest to shop for.

Which leads me to the fit of the shoe. By now I know which places sell shoes that fit me. Some places simply sell wider shoes than others, and I love how places like New Look and Primark to shoes specifically for wide feet. When it comes to size I am a size 37 in flats, and a 36 in heels. However, I do have a few shoes in a 38 because that was the only way they were going to fit.

Color wise I keep my shoes fairly simple. I am not a fan of bold prints on shoes as I find it more difficult to pair with outfits. So I stick to basics mainly. I have at least 8 pairs of black ankle boots and other staples such as greys and browns are also prominent in my shoe collection. However, I do not shy away from a few pops of color so I also have some brighter and darker colored shoes.

I just mentioned owning 8 pairs of black ankle boots, but of course they are not all the same. I also pay attention to the style of a shoe before deciding on a purchase. Some of my ankle boots have rounded noses, others are more pointy. Then I have pairs that are Chelsea style boots, but those are also different because of them have more of a heel, others are flat, others have a fun detail. Whatever it is, I never double a style.

The most important part about shoes is of course that you wear them. So I like picking shoes that go with many different outfits. That’s why I have so many black shoes because they go seamlessly with my black tights which I wear all winter with all my dresses. It’s also why I am not much into printed shoes as they are always a tad difficult to pair.

Finally, I like getting a good deal. Price wise I tend to pay no more than 50 euros for most of the shoes I buy. I make exceptions for sturdy, every day shoes such as my Dr. Marten’s and my snow boots. They are necessities and I buy them because I know they will last me a life time, so I am willing to buy a bit more for those.

Let me know in a comment below what you look for in a shoe!

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