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By now I have tried so many different nail polishes and there are a few that have always stood out. Whether it is the only nail polish I ever used up, to one of my favorite blues, these polishes have always worked for me. They may not be my most coveted nail polishes, but they are the ones that  I think anyone who likes nail polish should try.

As you can see these aren’t the most expensive brands. Apart from the one OPI polish, these are all drugstore prices and they are creamy polishes that simply give you a fun, saturated color on the nail that lasts. I feel that all these colors work on their own and thus I will usually wear just this. I don’t combine these, nor do I top them up with glitters. They are simply perfect the way they are.

OPI The World is Not Enough (James Bond Collection)

Let’s just get the most expensive, only limited edition polish out of the way first. This polish doesn’t look like much on the swatch, but I like putting this on top of a beige nude shade. That will make it go on more opaque. The reason why I love this so much is because it is a gorgeous deep taupe shade with red flecks. This is definitely one of the more unique nail polish colors in my collection.

China Glaze For Audrey

For Audrey is a cult favorite and if there is one shade that you need to try out if you’re into nail polish and exploring China Glaze, it would be this one. The color is Tiffany blue in a nail polish. It is a tad teal, a tad mint, a tad green and a tad sea foam. It’s just perfect and makes for a classy pop of color on the nail.

China Glaze Bing Cherry

A good red is a nail polish staple to own. To me, finding the perfect red has been quite the search. But then I found this. Bing Cherry is a cherry colored red that has a hint of raspberry pink to it. It goes on opaque and looks great against my pale hands. It compliments my skin tone and I find this is a fun take on a nail polish classic.

Bourjois Rose Lounge

An all time favorite is this sheer pink. This color makes your nails look like you had a French manicure without all the hassle. It is also the only nail polish I ever used up completely. I used to wear this all the time when I had little time to do my nails and wanted to keep them strong and healthy looking.

Catrice Up in the Air

Lastly, I thought I’d include a more fun shade. I love blue nail polish. It makes for a good pop of color on the nail, and if you find the right shade it isn’t a color that is too distracting. And this is that perfect blue that is bright enough for a pop, but muted enough that it isn’t too crazy.

What are your top 5 nail polish picks?

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