Tuned up Thursday: What I listened to in my teens #2

Since music is such a personal thing, I love sharing some of my old favorite songs and give you an insight into my music tastes and share something about myself at the same time. I already did one last November, and now I have another 10 songs to share.

Alanis Morissette – Joining You

I loved Alanis Morisette the minute Ironic hit the airwaves. When she released her second album it was immediately on my Christmas wishlist and I got it. This song was on that and I have loved it ever since.

Anastacia – I’m Outta Love

Does anyone remember this? I used to love this song! I actually have the CD single of this and I remember dancing in my room to this.

Billie Piper – Honey to the Bee

From budding pop star to feature star on Dr. Who: some people’s career take unexpected turns. But still this song is a prime example of 90s pop, it is so sugary sweet and tongue in cheek that totally reminds me of the 90s.

Britney Spears – Toxic

I have never hidden my love for all things Britney. And this song in particular made that she can do very little wrong. This is Britney at her finest.

Cardigans – Do You Believe

I remember being 14 and buying The Cardigans with my birthday money. I played that album till there was no tomorrow, and this song was my favorite.

Desree – Life

This song was all over the airwaves and when I was browsing my 90s music collection and knew I had to put it in this blog post. It is just so catchy and fun. Too bad it got a little too much air time when it was a hit, because even after half a listen I knew I’d heard enough for some time to come.

Dog Eat Dog – No Fronts

My teens was also the time in my life that I started listening to rock music. I also dressed very alternatively and I tended to listen to music that fit into that whole skater type style. If we’d have had Hot Topic in Holland when I was 15, I’d have been in heaven.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Around the World

During those rock vibe years, I also purchased Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Californication. This track was my favorite and even though I no longer listen to RHCP, their music holds a dear place in my heart.

The Blue Boy – Remember Me

In the 90s there was also some good dance music going on. This song was one of my favorites which I had taped from the weekly Top 40 broadcast and just played over and over and over again.

Michel Fugain – Une Belle Histoire

Lastly, a bit of an odd one out. I was introduced to this song through my French lessons. And then asked my dad to put it on a cassette tape from one of his records because I loved it so much. It is a much older song, one of those French classic chansons, but since I fell I love with it when I was 14, I figured it deserved a place in this post.

 What did you listen to in your teens?

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