Essence Multi-Action mascara

I previewed this budget proof mascara in my first impression of the new Essence & Catrice products for fall/ winter 2015. At €2.59 this mascara could be an absolute steal if it were any good, which is why I decided to come back to it, now that I have been able to give it a decent amount of trial and error.

Essence Multi-Action Volume mascara

Here is what I said in the previous article:

Essence & Catrice mascaras never really interest me, but then I saw this and I thought I’d give it a try. The brush looked promising enough. It comes with plastic bristles that feather out towards the wand. It reminds me a bit of my favorite L’Oreal mascara.

The packaging promises this mascara will lengthen and give volume and separation to your lashes. A very bold promise that I feel this mascara kind of delivers on. The formula of this mascara is quite dry: it is almost powdery. It is a good black color though. The brush is great for detailed work as the brush is very fine.

However, the brush kind of tugs at my lashes. It is almost as if my lashes get caught in the wand. It is not the most pleasant feeling, but at least I didn’t lose any lashes in the process. The result is slightly longer looking, slightly fuller looking lashes. Separation is on point, but I do feel this mascara gives a very natural look. It’s pretty and it stays put (I had no problem with smudging throughout the day), but I like my mascaras a bit more volumizing and lengthening.

Let’s see how I feel now after trying the Essence Multi-Action Volume Mascara on and off for the past 6 weeks, of which I used this mascara on a daily basis all throughout the previous week.

Packaging wise this mascara isn’t too interesting. It is nothing but a long black tube that isn’t too interesting from a design point of view. It is slightly long, too long to fit in my usual every day drawer, which was a minor nuisance, but of course doesn’t make or break the verdict on this product.

The promises of this mascara are far and wide. It promises volume, length and separation. In the pictures below I will show you exactly how this mascara performs and what it does for my lashes. But just to throw it out there: that’s a lot of claims for a mascara so cheap.

The sole reason why I purchased this mascara was the brush. It has a plastic bristled brush which are my favorite kind of mascara wand. It goes from a wider base to a more narrow tip. The color of the mascara remains a very black color and the formula started of quite dry and after 6 weeks of opening the tube I can say that this dries out quite quickly, as was my experience with the Essence I <3 Extreme crazy volume mascara.

Before – After

The before and after comparison is alright. Remember the claims of separation, volume and length and this mascara does do it all, but not with a wow-factor. My lashes are blacker and more defined, but I do feel that it has a tendency to get clumpy due to the dry formula and I have pretty good lashes to begin with (they’re just partly blonde). I could get this effect with any mascara.

I feel this mascara looks pretty and my initial remark about it tugging at my lashes went away after I got used to the brush a bit more. Because the formula is dry, this mascara doesn’t really smudge but can be quite flaky and that’s where the main problem with this lies.

It wasn’t until after using this mascara multiple days in a row when I noticed it, but this mascara hurts. That’s right. It causes me pain: right on the outer corners of my eye. This mascara has the same effect on my lashes and lash line as a clay mask: once it dries, it starts to pull, making my eye painful. At first I thought it was an allergic reaction, but I had this ‘pain’ on different eyes on different days and only near my outer corners. My eyes didn’t water, nor was there any sign of redness. That is what made me think this isn’t just the sensitivity of my eyes but somehow its the effect of the mascara formula.

What is clear to me, is that this Essence Multi-Action Volume mascara is not for me. Maybe you fair better with it, but I cannot use a product that makes my lash line and lashes hurt. Despite the fact that this mascara is a cheap and promising mascara, it is not worth having pain over. That is why, as of today, I will be using a different mascara.

What is your experience with Essence mascaras?

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  1. Aqsa zahid says:

    I really need this mascara. How can i buy this one from market?

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      This mascara has long been discontinued. I don’t think you can still find it.

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