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Don’t feed the plastic monster! That is the slogan for the Plastic Free Tuesday campaign. A slogan I wholeheartedly agree with. Although I am may not be as fanatic about my plastic waste reduction as some people, I am trying to do my bit. I have been refusing plastic bags wherever I can and in the past 1.5 years I have replaced all of my on the go containers I take with me to work by more sustainable, more durable ones. Granted, none of these are 100% plastic free, but it is still better than bringing a disposable bottle of water, an on the go Starbucks cup and a Tupperware snack box.

I learned of the Plastic Free movement through my friend Annemieke and she actually asked me months ago whether I could do an article about my more conscious efforts of reducing my plastic footprint. I spent quite some time researching my best options to replace my plastic containers I used to use for tea, smoothies, salads, meals, snacks and water and I asked Annemieke for advice on where to find them. Here is what I came up with.

Meals & Snacks
Hema glass container with plastic clip lid (0.475 l & 1 liter)

It’s such a shame these glass containers from Hema are difficult to come by. So far I have only found them in their online store, not in their physical ones, but they have been one of my best finds. They aren’t too expensive, are made of a durable glass base and thus when you stick a fork in to pick up some food, you aren’t treating yourself to a nice dose of plastic at the same time. The lid isn’t microwave safe, so it is perfect for keeping a lid on it so your foods won’t spill (these are 100% leak proof!) while you can still use it to microwave your foods for a warm lunch.

Klean Kanteen Wide 800 ml Stainless Steel water bottle

My quest for a durable water bottle has been long going. I was sick of having to buy a new bottle of water every other week or so. Due to back wash and the fact that it is hard to clean out the bottles, I felt force to buy a new bottle time and time again. Then I found Bobble, a plastic bottle with a carbon filter that is created to reduce plastic waste. Only problem is that the filter, which is partly made of plastic, runs out after a while and you need to keep repurchasing it. It also makes a lot of noise when you drink from it. And then I found out about Klean Kanteen through Annemieke. I decided to go with the Wide version as it would allow me to have the best access for cleaning this thing out.

Glass jars & bottles from Dille & Kamille

This line of glass jars and bottles are meant to be used when you are making your own jams and what not, but I decided to use them for many odds and ends. I use these to take smoothies and salads with me on the go, but also use them around the house. The bottle gets used as a water bottle during dinners and for making iced tea in summer. The large jar makes for a great preservative jar for anything you want to keep in your kitchen, from leftovers to pasta. The smaller jars I use for drinking smoothies and I even have some mini ones that I use as brush holders. Talking about versatility!

SIGG Hot & Cold mug 500 ml thermos classic with tea filter

Another great find was my tea mug. I love taking my tea on the go and using this at work. I used to have Starbucks mugs for this. I have a stainless steel one, but as tea is very hot, it would expand and the lid would pop off causing it to spill. I then resorted to their plastic variety. But those needed replacing almost every year as the plastic would start to disintegrate over time and split along the sides. I need something more durable and at my local outdoor/ survival store I found this SIGG bottle and I am in love. It is a thermal flask that keeps drinks warm or cold for up to 6 hours. It is fully stainless steel on the inside and comes with a tea filter!

Ikea weck jar

These little weck jars are an easy product to own. All throughout last year I took my breakfast with me on the go in these. They served a great purpose for making overnight oats, are easy to store, though not so much to clean and they are made of very durable glass. They are also spill proof, won’t just open in your bag and keep things fresh.

How do you bring along your on the go foods?

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  1. […] When bringing foods along with you, it is essential that you keep them in sturdy, easy to clean containers that protect your foods from leaking, spilling and spoiling. Most containers I use, are mostly plastic free. Yes, I lug around smoothies in a glass jar, drink water from a stainless steel water bottle and eat salads and hot meals from a microwave safe glass container. I even have a little weck jar for having foods like yoghurt on the go. It may seem like a bit much, but it keeps foods so much better than plastics and the best part: it is much easier to clean as well! I showed you my on the go food containers in this blog post. […]

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