Fall 2015 fashion wishlist

When the seasons change, what I like to do is draw up a fashion wishlist before I actually go out and buy anything. This way, I have an overview of the things I would like to have, what I have to splurge on and finally what items I can really do without. What I also find is that it not only helps me to select which items and trends I like, but it also allows me to have an overview of what’s out there. I often find myself not liking many of the items I see around, until I start gathering all items and then realize it is in fact, a sizeable amount. Meet my fall favorites.

Asos Cape in Tweed Check
Asos 60s Longline Duster Co-Ord

I am not really in the market for a new winter coat, but when I find some fun ones, I can’t help but having a look and at least putting them on my wishlist. This year, capes are all the rage and I am still lusting after the perfect burgundy coat.

Checkered fringed Poncho
Pieces Heidi Cape

Apart from capes, ponchos are also all the rage and I have added a few to this wishlist to find the right one. I am liking the one on the left the best, but since that looks more like a blanket than anything else, I am still a bit on the fence about it. The one on the right I am finding a bit simple, but that does mean it will go with a lot of different outfits.

Vila Aztec Poncho
Forever 21 Boxy Plaid Sweater Dress

Out of all the ponchos I found, I think I might like this one best. For one, it’s navy. Secondly it’s a knit/ crochet look and has fringing on the bottom. What’s not to like? And I’m a sucker for a good A-line dress and this long sleeved version looks very warm and cozy.

Urban Outfitters Bubble Shirt Dress
Asos Dress with Bonded Asymmetric Wrap

Dress wise, I find this season quite bland. Most of the dresses are super boxy and flowy and that is not a good look on me. I’m still a little hesitant about the shirt dress, but this flowy one from Urban Outfitters looks like a cute basic. And I just love that powder/ baby blue color of the much most structured Asos dress.

Forever 21 Dainty Rose Skater Dress (sold out)
Forever 21 Grid Patterened Shirt

This dress is perhaps a bit too summery for some people, but I like a good floral dress when I see one. And grids, tartans, plaids and checks are all around this fall and I just love this fun navy colored number Forever 21 is doing.

H&M Flannel white grid pattern blouse
H&M Grid patterned cotton blouse (sold out)

Apart from prints, flannel shirts are also making a huge comeback this year and I am very happy about it. I used to own quite a few of these shirts, but then they went out of style and I didn’t like them as much anymore. I kept my favorite ones around and I bought a green one last year, but now that they are back in full swing, I thought it would be a good idea to add a few more to my wardrobe.

H&M Cotton shirt with plaid design
H&M Seamless Bra

The seamless bra seems like a good idea to have not so much for aesthetic but more for practical reason. I am a person who cannot go without a bra. Too much boob. But I figured that if I had a soft, wireless bra I would at least get a bit of support without having to wear a full on wired push up for a change.

H&M Orange knit sweater
H&M Navy wool cable knit sweater

Fall is the perfect sweater weather and I love a good weather (I can feel another blog post coming right there!), but some reason half of all the sweaters I own are grey. Or black. So I vowed to myself to no longer buy any black or grey sweaters, but only colorful ones. I think I am on a safe side by adding a blue and orange one to my wardrobe.

Urban Outfitters Retro Triangle Button Skirt
BDG Cord Utility Pelmet Skirt

I absolutely adore the left hand skirt from Urban Outfitters and it is a style that I would definitely wear. I also love rocking some corduroy during fall so when I spotted this navy corduroy skirt I thought it would be perfect for fall. It also comes in burgundy and mustard: now all I have to do is pick the color I prefer.

ASOS Denim Dolly Button Through skirt in Mid Wash Blue
ASOS AIRBOUND Leather Chelsea Ankle Boots

I love these types of denim skirts, but I do not always find them flattering on me. I always think I look a little country in them, but then again, I should just figure out how to rock them. Asos do many different ones right now, so there should be a style there that is right for me. And I have decided a need a pair of brown shoes, preferably leather, preferably a Chelsea boot. I live in Chelsea boots during fall so it would be a nice change up after all the black ones I usually wear.

H&M Leather Loafers
H&M Brown Jodphurs

Shoe wise I think of rocking a pair of rad loafers as well. I already own a pair, but those are a greyish navy color and it would be good to have a pair of black ones. I had never heard of Jodphurs, but I do really like this style of shoe. And if I buy a pair of Chelsea boots, I think this would be a good brown option for when I don’t want to wear that type of shoe.

H&M Grey Wool Hat
H&M Messenger style shoulder bag

A hat is an essential accessory for fall and I have a few black ones, but I thought a grey one would be nice for changing it up. I am curious how wide the brim of this hat will be and what it looks like. Hats can be a tricky thing. And when you’re buying brown shoes, you will need a brown bag to match that, not?

What items are on your fall fashion wishlist?

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  1. Esmee says:

    Het zwarte en blauwe jurkje vind ik erg mooi! Mooie wishlist!
    XOXO esmee

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      Thanks šŸ™‚ Er zijn momenteel niet zoveel leuke jurkjes te vinden maar deze springen er voor mij echt uit.

  2. Svenja says:

    Wat een heerlijke wishlist vol mooie items! Vooral de jurkjes en geruite blouse vind ik erg tof. Een hoedje mag bij mij ook niet ontbreken dit seizoen!

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      Ja in het najaar zweer ik bij hoeden. Heb er al een aantal, maar die zijn allemaal zwart. Zo’n grijs exemplaar vind ik stiekem leuker.

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