Maybelline Color Sensational matte lipsticks

One of the products I wanted to get my hands on when I was in the US, were the Maybelline Color Sensational matte lipsticks. I heard some raves about these from US beauty gurus on Youtube and I liked the Color Sensational lipsticks I had tried in the past. So when I saw these matte lipsticks that haven’t launched anywhere else yet, especially not in the astonishing array of colors available in the US, I decided to pick up a few.

Maybelline Color Sensational Mesmerizing Magenta, Vibrant Violet, All Fired Up, Burgundy Blush

When I say these come in interesting colors I don’t lie. I picked up a magenta, violet, bright coral and burgundy shade: not your every day drugstore lipstick shades. There are many other colors in the range, many of them much more every day, but since I already own all those types of shades, I wanted to go for the more unusual ones.

The packaging of these look like any Color Sensational lipstick, but these come in a stunning matte purple bullet. I like how these stand out in my stash and the matte finish makes it instantly look classy and sophisticated.

The colors are listed on the bottom of the lipstick bullet. The names aren’t awe inspiring, but very straightforwardly list the shade that is also in the tube. The fact that the sticker is the shade of the lipstick is an added bonus as it makes it easy to pick which shade you want if you store these with the stickers up.

Maybelline Color Sensational Mesmerizing Magenta

Mesmerizing Magenta was a shade I wanted most, but that was the most difficult to find. It is a cool raspberry shade that seemed to be sold out every store I went to. So it seems to be a popular color. It is a very wearable color, especially compared to the next shade.

Maybelline Color Sensational Vibrant Violet

Purple lipsticks are all the rage at the moment and I keep on being curious to see how they suit me. Vibrant violet is a cool toned, bluelish puple that is very bright. Of course this shade isn’t for everyone, but that’s exactly why I picked this up. I like how Maybelline has taken a risk by adding a quite out there kind of color.

Maybelline Color Sensational All Fired Up

All Fired Up is a bright pinky coral that is almost red. It has a nice balance between orange and pink and still looks like a lipstick that could be very wearable despite its bright color.

Maybelline Color Sensational Burgundy Blush

Last but not least: a deep dark red, aka the best color for fall. This looks almost black in the tube, but swatched and on the lips this is indeed a very deep burgundy shade. And I’ve been on the hunt for a good dark red that isn’t in fact a berry.

Mesmerizing Magenta – Vibrant Violet – All Fired Up – Burgundy Blush

Swatched these shades all show a slightly waxy texture. But I find that is the case with most Color Sensational lipsticks. They are nicely pigmented though and the wear time on these is quite decent. They stain your lips so they hang around after a meal and a few drinks, but when throughout the day the wear can be quite ugly, especially with the darkest shade. Once this really wears down, you are left with patches of color on your lips, that seem to latch on to any dry patches on your lips. Smoothing it out with your finger helps though and maintains a nice looking lip for a full 8 hour workday.

On the lips these all apply smoothly, apart from Vibrant Violet. I have fairly pigmented lips though, so maybe if you have a lighter lip color this won’t be as noticeable on you, but on me, you can clearly see my lip color shine through the lipstick on my bottom lip. Other than that, these apply nicely and because the bullet is shaped into a point, it’s easy to apply these lipsticks straight from the bullet.

Mesmerizing Magenta – Vibrant Violet

On the face I think that of this first pair of lipsticks, Mesmerizing Magenta suits me best. Vibrant Violet looks alright I think, but it does make me look a little bit pale and pasty. Perhaps with a different shirt and some more blush on my cheeks it would be easier to pull it off.

All Fired Up – Burgundy Blush

Then on to my two favorites. All Fired Up is a great bright coral shade, but on me it looks more like a pinky red. But still, it’s a beautiful shade that suits me nicely. Burgundy Blush is the surprise of the bunch. Since I’m so pale, I didn’t think I could pull this off, but with a very natural make up look, I think this might be my new favorite lipstick for fall.

I can conclude that these Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipsticks are a great addition to the drugstore lipsticks lines out there. This line has now been launched in The Netherlands but none of these colors are part of the selection yet. Let’s hope that especially Burgundy Blush hops across that pond soon, as that is my favorite shade in here.

Which is your favorite?

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