5 Youtubers I’ve started watching

Before summer I was watching more Youtube beauty videos than is healthy for one person. I mainly watched declutter videos and through that process I found some youtubers that I have started watching on a regular basis. Since I decided to no longer subscribe to any Youtube channels, I now rely on what pops up in my recommendations list and because I watched so many videos on different channels, these people also started popping up on my radar more and more. And even though I do not watch every video posted to these channels, I still think you should know about these ladies if you didn’t already.

In the frow:

Inthefrow is my new fashion favorite. I got kind of tired of some of the other channels I was watching for fashion inspiration and I saw her and fell in love. I love her hauls where she also tries everything on and takes you along the decision process on what she’s going to keep as well. Plus she has lavender hair. Total girl crush right there.

A love tart:

A channel that definitely deserves more love is Alovetart. This lady just seems very sweet, does some great wearable make up looks and is nail polish crazy. And I can relate to that. Her declutter series is also great and even though I do not watch every video, the ones I do watch I love.

Beauty with Emily Fox:

My latest discovery is Beauty with Emily Fox, or should I call her the lip swatch lady? It’s why I clicked her videos in the first place: her channel is filled with lip swatches of products such as the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks and many more and she applies them all to her lips.

Coffee break with Dani:

This next lady is a tad too hyper for my taste sometimes, but I liked her declutter series best and I go back to her videos from time to time. Her current top 5 series are a fun video to watch and her hauls are legendary. She does do a lot of videos on brands that are not available here, so I tend to skip those.

Jessica Braun | Jambeauty89:

Last but not least, this lady is a fellow teacher and is big on drugstore make up. She does a lot of collaborations with ELF and seems to have a good sense of what she does and doesn’t like. If you’re looking for someone who isn’t afraid to give an honest opinion, then this channel can bring you something new.

Who do you watch on Youtube?

If you care to know who else I watch, then feel free to go back in time and click on the links below to find some more. I don’t watch all of these people as often anymore, and some channels are no longer active, but this gives an impression as to what else I enjoy to watch.






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  1. Ik schaam me deels voor het feit dat ik ze allemaal niet ken, maar des te leuker om ze op zo’n manier te leren kennen! Vooral de echte make-up guru’s vind ik leuk om te zien!
    XOXO esmee

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