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Last week I showed you my favorite burgundy make up products, which since it is fall, is one of my favorite colors to wear. But what you can wear make up wise, you can of course also wear fashion wise. This is why I figured that showing you my favorite burgundy fashion bits would make sense as well.

I have many more burgundy fashion items in my wardrobe. There is one or two other cardigans, a sweater, at least another pair of shoes and I have some t-shirts, skirts and even a pair of socks and undies. Yep, it’s safe to say that my love for burgundy isn’t exclusive to make up. But these 5 bits are my very favorites, and I have worn all of these on the blog before so there are links if you want to see these on.

Urban Outfitters BDG knit cardigan (outfit 1 & outfit 2)

Let’s start with my very favorite burgundy fashion find. I bought this Urban Outfitters cardigan years ago while on a trip to London. I think I have had this for at least 5 years, but it is still going strong in my wardrobe. It’s a chunky knit cardigan that works buttoned up or unbuttoned and I can be seen wearing this all fall and winter. And it was a bit of a last moment buy as I had to go back to UO to pick it up before I caught my plane home.

Asos double lapel button down shirt (outfit)

A much more recent purchase was this double lapel shirt by Asos. I got this last year and I love the fact that it has the layer of black up top. It gives the shirt more of an edge and I love wearing this tucked into a skirt. The neckline is more V-shaped on this and that makes for a good mix of feminine and a more androgynous look.

Vintage loafers (outfit)

I don’t wear these shoes too often, but when I am in the mood for these they always are a conversation starter. I bought these at a vintage shop called Blitz in London’s Brick Lane area and they are true vintage as the inlay of the shoe says they were made in West Germany. Add on the beat up look and the fact that loafers are all the rage this season and you have a perfect fall 2015 shoe.

H&M Skater dress (outfit)

One of my favorite dresses ever is this super simple, super cheap H&M dress. My favorite way of styling it up is with a two toned blazer with faux leather sleeves and my ZARA studded brogues. That truly is one of my favorite outfit combinations. But I also like pairing this with a ‘hairy’ cream colored cardigan I own from River Island or  an all black cardigan which is always a good combo to try out.

H&M Biker leggings (worn in same outfit as the shoes)

My final favorite piece is another item that is quite out there. Burgundy pants can look quite classy, but this version is not that. The mixture of pleather and the structured patched make this a cool take on biker pants. Even though these are leggings, they are quite thick which means you can wear these as pants. I like pairing this with a chunky knit or a floaty chiffon shirt for the perfect clash of materials.

What burgundy fashion items do you own?

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