1 sweater, 5 ways to wear it

A good sweater is a staple piece for me come fall/ winter season. Not only are they great at keeping you nice and warm, they are also very stylish. From baggy, oversized boyfriend fits to cozy cable knits: I like many and far in between (and own them too). But that is a matter for a different blog post. Today I am showing you 5 different ways of styling up one of my favorite sweaters.

Burgundy knit sweater (H&M)

The sweater we are styling up for this blog post is the burgundy number from H&M. I purchase this last winter and believe it was pretty affordable. From what I remember this cost around the 20 euro mark and I found it in store rather than online. I can’t find something similar in their current collection, but it is nothing but a straight, slightly longer knit sweater in a very fall appropriate burgundy shade.

Aviator jacket (Forever 21)

The first way I am styling this up is with a jacket. I love thick knits combined with a (faux) leather jacket. I like the contrast of the slick leather look with the textured knit. The burgundy and black make for a nice pairing and I love the added detail of the faux shearling collar on the jacket. It also makes for a bit of extra warmth.

Grey highwaisted Jamie jeans (Topshop)

A fall uniform for me, is pairing a sweater with a comfy pair of jeans. The Topshop jeans are my favorites and this pair of grey wash Jamie’s in particular. They are super comfortable and highwaisted: so you won’t be left with an exposed back on a cold day. Paired with just a sweater it makes for a simple yet effective outfit that you can throw on whenever.

Two toned pencil skirt (H&M)

During fall, I love wearing pencil skirts. I’m not sure why, but I always find myself pulling them out of my closet to wear with blouses, but also with sweaters. I love the sleek silhouette the pencil skirt gives, but then adding a thick knit, instantly dresses it down and makes it feel more ‘me’. I would still wear this paired with a heel for that girly touch, but add a sneaker and you get the perfect tomboy vibe.

Polka dot blouse (H&M)

A round necked sweater such as this, is the perfect sweater to wear over blouses. I like to pick a sleeveless blouse for the purpose as they don’t add a layer in the sleeve area, making it look bulky and puffy. I just like the effect of the collar peeping through at the top. I especially like this combo, as the polka dot makes for a playful touch in this otherwise quite masculine combo.

Striped leggings (River Island)
Biker ankle boots with silver hardware (Sacha)

But the last way of styling any sweater is to add any type of print you like. That is, if your sweater isn’t printed already. I like pairing plain sweaters with printed bottoms, especially skirts, but the occasional pair of pants is also a good option. By adding the tough looking boots and the sleek looking bottoms, this outfit gets that street style edge and makes this so much more than just a sweater with a pair of pants look.

How do you wear your favorite sweater?

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