Music of the Moment (October 2015)

Music of the Moment (October 2015)

I thought it would be time to hit you with my monthly music favorites. I am currently digging a more organic sound to what I usually listen to or post on here. I already wrote last time that I feel there is a shift towards more guitar oriented music again and that’s why there is plenty of it here. And not the quiet, cobbling along type guitar music. No, I am currently digging the type that is driven forward by tight riffs, and fast rhythms. I’m surprisingly liking Wavves latest album, including their collab with Cloud Nothings. Of course there is still the usual spacy chillwave vibe that I will forever love, but just wait till you get to Witch Doctor by De Staat and tell me whether you didn’t need a little bit of time to recuperate from that track. In short: I have been listening to a strange mix of things these past few weeks, but that doesn’t make it any more fun to listen to. Just give them a listen and see for yourself!

Amarante – Hallucination

Amason – Duvan

De Staat – Witch Doctor

Emancipator – Nevergreen

Movement – Like Lust

Other Lives – Beat Primal

The Slow Show – Bloodline

The Vaccines – Handsome

Wavves – Way Too Much

Wavves X Cloud Nothings – How It’s Gonna Go

What music have you been listening to? Anyone else noticing a change in their music tastes?


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