Colored bottoms combinations

If you’ve been reading this space for some time, then you know I am not that type of girl who sticks to black, greys and whites. I like a good dose of color in my wardrobe, but sometimes making combinations with colored items can be tricky. It’s easiest to combine them with neutral shades, but I believe that shouldn’t necessarily be the case. You can use colors and combine them into one outfit and still make for an interesting outfit.

1.) Sporty

Grey quilted sweater (Monki)
Burgundy biker leggings (H&M)
Grey Nike high tops

This first outfit is a very casual and a more sporty outfit. Color wise I feel this is also a very safe bet. Burgundy is a very easy color to incorporate into your wardrobe once you’ve decided you want to steer clear of especially blacks. It is dark and goes well with creams, black and greys as you can see here. I paired it with a structured top to balance out the sleekness of the leggings and added a pair of chunky sneakers.

2.) Casual

Cream cardigan (H&M)
Raspberry colored jeans (Zara)Grey t-shirt (Forever 21)
Tweed All Stars Converse

An easy and laid back way of wearing color is by adding a chunky, warm cardigan. The color of the bottoms in this pairing is a bit more daring than the burgundy of the first one: it is a bright raspberry pink shade. To be honest, I don’t wear these pants all that often, but when I do I always get comments. My favorite way of styling this up is by adding my chunky beige knit cardigan that is super warm and cozy and a pair of knit All Stars sneakers to stick with the theme.

3.) Mustard & custard

Green knit cardigan (Zara)
Mustard trousers (Bershka)
Green wedges (Sacha)

I love mustard colored items. Throughout the years, I have gathered a few items in that shade. From sweaters to skirts and shoes, but my first mustard item was a pair of pants. I love pairing mustard yellow with forest greens and rusty orange shades. Despite it being an out there color, I feel that it has a nice earthy tone to it, which makes it perfect for mixing it with other earthy tones. Other shades that I think go well with mustard are navy and burgundy.

4.) Boy + girl

Houndstooth print button down shirt (Vila)
Forest green midi skirt (Asos)
Black brogues (Primark)

When I feel like doing so, a slightly preppy or androgynous look is one of my favorite styles of outfit. And one way of doing that is by pairing a feminine piece such as a full length skirt with a more masculine one such as a button down shirt and brogues. If you’re unsure of how to combine colors, then opting for a print in neutral colors can add a little bit of interest without it getting boring. Apart from the skirt, this outfit is far from colorful, but the print of the shirt adds just that little extra.

5.) Chique

Black button down shirt (Forever 21)
Pink Joni jeans (Topshop)
Black heels (Tube)

Adding color to your wardrobe doesn’t have to mean that you can no longer look slightly sophisticated. I love having a pair of light pink pants on hand, for the sole reason that it looks great with blacks. Provided they are paired with the right items, those pink pants can look perfect for more professional occasions. In order to do that I think a light, flowy shirt and a good pair of heels will make the outfit.

6.) Street style

Black sweatshirt (H&M)
Bright galaxy patterned skirt (Asos)
Black ankle boots (New Look)

Finally, I thought I’d show you a more edgy vibe. Because colors can of course be combined into one piece for an explosion of color, such as this. If you are looking to style up a bright, bold, patterned item such as this skirt, my advice is to keep the rest very simple and let your colorful item be the star of the show. I used a very basic, simple sweatshirt and a pair of booties to play up the edgy vibes, while maintaining the vibrancy of the skirt.

How do you style up colored bottoms?

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