New music releases I am excited about

2016 will bring not only a new year but also lots of new music. To be quite honest I was a little underwhelmed by the releases in 2015. Especially by the end of the year, I hardly found any new music releases that really stuck with me. So I am hoping 2016 will be a better year for me music wise. Here are some of this year’s releases that I hope are good.

Now not all of the albums have a release date yet, but some of them do. Quite a few of these are just rumored to happen as artists have announced they are working on a new album, but so far nothing is 100% clear yet. Whether these albums are officially announced for a 2016 release remains to be seen, but here’s to hoping they are.

The XX – title & release date TBA

The XX are always a winning team. I loved their two previous albums, kinda liked the Jamie XX solo album and saw them live several times. So whenever they announce that they are working on new music, I am game.

Savages – Adore Life (22 January)

An album with an actual release date is the new album by Savages. I own their debut album and absolutely loved it. If you’re into 80s inspired postpunk by and all female band, then check them out.

Bloc Party – Hymns (29 January)

A band that I have loved on and off since their first album was released is Bloc Party. Silent Alarm remains my favorite album by theirs, but with a new line up and the band brought back to life I am very curious to see what they come up with.

DIIV – Is the Is Are (5 February)

DIIV (pronounced dive I believe) is a band that’s been missing from the scene for a few years, but the minute I heard they have a new album coming out I just knew I had to have it. Their first album Oshin is one of those albums that I bought but never really got into at the time. However, the more I heard their songs, the more I liked it and now it’s one of my favorite albums of the past few years.

The 1975 – I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It (26 January)

If you’re into music you may have already heard of The 1975, but I think that if there is one band to be breaking from little know indie band to well-known semi-indie band that plays at all the festivals it will be this one. Honestly, I am thinking that 2016 will be the year of The 1975. I already know a few of their earlier songs through my indie lists and I can’t wait to hear a full LP from these guys.


I was surprised to hear that the fictional band made up of animated characters would be back. I remember their first single launching and I again, this is a band I already own music from. It will be interesting to see what direction they will steer this into with a new album.

Nine Inch Nails

NIN/ Trent Reznor is a band I only got into the past few years. Sure, there are the few songs that everyone knows such as Closer, but since I have a few friends who could be considered fans, I now only saw them live a few years back, but I also heard a lot more of their music. Which really isn’t a bad thing.

Gwen Stefani

I am not the biggest fan of Gwen Stefani’s solo work. However hearing of her return on the music scene did very much please me and therefore I am curious to find out what she comes up with.

Christina Aguilera

If all goes according to plan than 2016 will see the return of not 1 but 2 princesses of pop. One of them being Christina Aguilera. I am a huge fangirl when it comes to X-tina. I played her albums Stripped and Back to Basics to bits and made it my duty to own every album she released. This means I also have her Christmas album. I saw her live in 2006 and felt sorry that Bionic didn’t do very well because so many things went wrong and then Lady Gaga suddenly rose to fame leaving no room for Christina in the popular music scene. I kind of lost track of her for a while and don’t even own her last album Lotus, but upon hearing she’s recording again makes me want to see what she’s still got in store.

Britney Spears

Last but not least, 2016 will mean a release by Brit. Now don’t judge, but I love Britney. I know she can’t sing. I know she no longer knows how to dance, but if there is one lady who had the ‘performance for entertainment’ down in her heyday it is Britney Spears. And I still love her music for the occasional poppy dance tracks. It’s more for nostalgic reasons that I still love some of her stuff. I even devoted a blog post to it way back in the day. So yeah whenever La Spears releases a new album, I’m game.

Any music releases you are looking forward to?

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  1. Looking back, I think I only purchased 4 albums for myself last year. Hanson’s Anthem (talk about don’t judge, I love them & they don’t sound like mmmbop anymore), Florence+The Machine’s How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, Ryan Adams’ cover of 1989, & Adele’s 25. There were songs I really liked that I kept meaning to check out the albums, just never got around to it. Maybe I’ll try to up my music game in 2016. Sounds like there is lots to listen for!

    • I used to love one of Hanson’s later tracks a few years ago. Can’t remember the title. Florence + The Machine was one of the first bands I discovered through indie playlists, so I kind of lost track of her stuff, but I did give this album a listen and was a bit underwhelmed. I still want to hear the Ryan Adams one though! I think it’s brilliant that he did a full cover album of Taylor Swifts album (which I liked much more than I care to admit).

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