Random outfits #3

This month, instead of bringing you a lookbook, I thought I could show you some of my everyday outfits. It’s been a while since I last did that, and so I figured it was time to show you some of my fall/ winter outfits. I wore these outfits in the last 3 months or so. I usually forget to take pictures, but if you’re interested, I could try to see if I could do a full Week in Outfits. My current camera is pretty good at working with low light, so it is now easier to take pictures of outfits on the daily.

Let me know in a comment below if you’d like to see more daily outfits!

This post pretty much features the types of outfits I’ve been wearing the most lately. I’m into three different types of outfits: jeans with a sweater, a skirt with a sweater or a dress combo. And it just so happens to be that this blog post features 2 different versions of each combo.

Orange sweater (H&M)
Black highwaisted skinny jeans (Topshop Jamie Jeans)
Grey Nike International (Nike store in Chicago)

One of my favorite purchases which I showed in my autumn collective haul last November, would be the orange sweater you see here. See, orange is not my favorite color to wear. It is a color which usually makes me look tired and dull as it is a hard color to pull of when you’re fair skinned and blonde haired. Yet, this one just works. I love pairing it with a black pair of jeans and sneakers. Comfy and casual, but that’s what my style is like mostly anyway.

Navy skater dress (Forever 21)
Black lace cardigan (H&M)
Black tights (Hema)
Black ankle boots (H&M)
Necklace (Forever 21)

This was my Christmas outfit and I wore it to my parents’ place on Christmas Day. I love skater dresses still, but they have been so hard to come by lately. I love pairing dresses with cardigans over blazers: it makes for a more relaxed outfit and blazers can make me look very bulky in the shoulder area. I went with an all black base because the dress is in fact a brighter blue with a black pattern which makes it look navy blue.


Black sweater (H&M)
Black & white pencil skirt (H&M)
Chelsea boots (New Look)

A standard outfit for me that I go back to when I don’t know what to wear, is this sweater & skirt combo. I came up with it randomly one day and it’s an outfit that I rotate from time to time. If it looks familiar, then you might be right, as I also showed it in my winter lookbook last year. Again this is a sweater combo, but here the main item isn’t the sweater but the skirt. I like how simple and monochrome this look is and I love pairing it with a bold red lip.

Eggplant colored dress (Vila)
Black boots (H&M)

I pulled out this dress to wear to a friend’s birthday party. I hadn’t worn it in ages, but since wrap dresses are back in style again, I figured I would be able to pull it off again. Initially I purchased this to be a Christmas dress, which is probably why I didn’t go back to it all that much. It is a perfect dress for the fall/ winter season though. The color is perfect for this time of year and the fact that it has a longer sleeve makes it great for wearing on its own without chucking on a cardigan over it.

Striped sweater (Cheap Monday)
Grey acid wash jeans (Cheap Monday)
Cherry 1460 Dr. Marten’s

Another staple outfit of mine is this jeans & sweater combo. I bought the jeans and sweater together on sale when I was in Kopenhagen last year and I love how well they go together. This sweater also set off my sweater obsession, leading me to purchase quite a few over the past 2 seasons. I love how it is baggy, yet falls nicely on the body. The jeans are pretty much the only pair of jeans I own that are not Topshop and therefore worth a mention on the blog. To keep the outfit from becoming too drab and colorless, I went with my dark red Dr. Marten’s boots.


Wavy striped sweater (Topshop)
Burgundy corduroy a-line skirt (Topshop)
Fleece tights (Primark)
Patent leather 1461 Dr. Marten’s

My latest obsession has been pairing a thinner knit with an a-line skirt. This is the reason why my most recent shoplog featured pretty much nothing but a-line skirts and thin sweaters. This outfit I pretty much shopped together as well. The minute I tried this on in store, I knew it would be great together. I even bought the shoes during the same shopping trip to Amsterdam, so this is a match made in heaven in my book.

What outfits do you like to wear?

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