Music of the Moment (January 2016)

The final Thursday of the month is here, which means it’s time for me to share some music favorites with you once more. And it’s been a while since I last did this. I didn’t have time for this type of post in December as the holidays got in the way and I had other plans and all throughout fall I had little time to absorb the music that I find through indie playlists. By now I found the time to go through all the playlists I had missed over fall and so I have 15 songs to share with you today that I am particularly digging from the selections I made.

As usual my music selection is a mixture of some older as well as some brand new songs. They also range many different genres again. From my beloved chillwave type songs to catchy indierock, psychedelia and indie electro to singer songwriter and funk & jazz influenced electronic music that I have no clue how to categorize. There is the odd pop infused track as well, boasting catchy vocals, but still with that indie vibe I love so much. This month’s list ends on a chilled out note with some easy relaxing tracks. I hope you enjoy these songs and let me know in a comment below which one is your favorite!

Avid Dancer – I Want To See You Dance

Begun – San Francisco

CAMERA – Synchron

Death In The Afternoon – We Don’t Have To Go Out Tonight

Huntar – Naked Noises

Lauv – Reforget

MORRT – Adore U

Photay – No Sass

Pilgrims – Pieces

Ryder – Ruins

Stephen – Remembering Myself

The Belligerents – Voices

The Bohicas – Upside Down and Inside Out

Tom Misch – The Journey

Wet – Deadwater

What songs have you been digging?

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