How I wear boyfriend jeans

I am all about a relaxed outfit and the ultimate piece for any loose fit, super comfy outfit to me are a pair of boyfriend jeans. I own two pairs and I thought I would show you some ideas I had to style them up. The good thing about boyfriend jeans is that they can be dressed up and dressed down. You can use them to play up the casual, men’s wear vibe, but you can also style it up in a more classic way. Today I am giving you 5 different ways in which I would wear my pairs of boyfriend jeans.

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My favorite way of wearing my distressed Guess boyfriend jeans is with a plain white v-neck tee and my super old and super destroyed Converse All Stars. It is the ultimate laid back outfit that I will pull out on spring days and on cooler summer days. The distressed jeans I bought years ago and I used to wear them a ton when I first got them. I wear them less nowadays, but I still have these laying about, just in case I want to pull them out again.

With boyfriend jeans I love playing up the manliness of the jeans by adding a boxy, androgynous vintage 80s blazer. I bought this bright red number from a vintage store in London called Blitz which is located on the East End near Brick Lane. They had some super cool items there and I love this 100% wool jacket to bits. To balance out the mostly manly look of the outfit, I like pairing this with my pair of bright red Asos heels.

Boyfriend jeans are also perfect for pairing with a more sporty look. By adding a plain black jersey sweater your outfit can be super on trend. Of course you could add a pair of sneakers to stick with the sporty vibe, but in my case that would just make me look short and stocky. To add some length and make it a bit more feminine again, I would pair this outfit with a pair of black stilettos and a jewel necklace to bring some of that femininity to the top of the outfit as well. The black sweater is from H&M, the shoes are from Van Haren and the necklace is from Forever 21.

Of course you can also just keep the outfits relaxed and chilled out. This would be my favorite way of wearing these types of jeans. The cardigan is a rust colored one from Urban Outfitters, which I think clashes nicely with the blue jeans. I paired it over a white t-shirt and a pair of tan brogues which I got from Ebay. It is flat, it is bulky, but it also a super comfortable outfit that just works for a relaxed day just running errands. Oh and by the way, these boyfriend jeans are from H&M.

Finally, I love pairing boyfriend jeans with a checked shirt. Plaid, especially if it’s fleece, with boyfriend jeans is a look I absolutely adore. That, to me, is the ultimate, I just raided my boyfriend’s closet look. You could go many different ways shoe wise. I decided on my Dr. Marten’s as they are one of my staple shoes on any given day. They may not be the most flattering pick, but if you want to wear an outfit that is comfortable to the max, you might as well choose to wear your most comfortable shoe, not? The plaid shirt is from H&M by the way.

How do you wear boyfriend jeans?

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  1. Wat een geweldige combinaties! Ik weet nooit zo goed hoe ik boyfriend jeans moet combineren, dus ook nog eens heel handig.

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