Gliss Kur Oil Nutrive Dream Hair hair oil

One of my favorite haircare lines from the drugstore is the Gliss Kur Oil Nutrive line. I swear by their shampoo and conditioner and the wonder serum spray is one of my holy grails. It simply gives the best results on my hair: it feels nourished and is less frizzy. So when I spotted a hair oil sitting right next to this line on the shelf, I knew I had to try it. Meet the Gliss Kur Dream Hair hair oil.

Gliss Kur Oil Nutrive Dream Hair hair oil

Gliss Kur Dream Hair hair oil

Now it doesn’t say anywhere on this packaging that this product belongs to the Oil Nutrive line. But the look and feel of the product fit right in with it and in my drugstore, I find this right next to those products. It isn’t the cheapest. At €10.29 a piece, this product falls into the higher price segment in the drugstore. But if it works, why not, right?

Gliss Kur Oil Nutrive Dream Hair hair oil

The packaging makes this product sound very promising. Dream hair, featherlight oil, non-greasy, 8 ultra light micro oils, nourishment without weighing down the hair: those are some of the claims on the front of the bottle which of course sucked me right in. The real reason I bought this was to replace my Phyto 7 Hydratying Day Cream for Dry Hair. After that ran out and ended up being near impossible to find where I live, I was in the market for a new leave-in conditioner.

Gliss Kur Oil Nutrive Dream Hair hair oil

What this product promises to do is to nourish the hair without weighing it down. It is supposedly formulated for fine to normal hair. Not exactly my hair type as I have thick, wavy hair, but it is always in need of some extra moisture. I use this alongside the Oil Nutrive Wonder Serum Spray. Where I use the serum spray all over my hair to keep frizz at bay, I spray some of this in my hands, rub them together and then apply this to my ends which are drier and frizzier than the rest of my hair.

The ingredient list looks really good actually. There are a few ingredients that make me frown, but where most drugstore leave-in oils are filled with silicones, here the oils definitely take the cake. Argan oil is high on the list. I also spot almond oil, macadamia oil and sesame seed oil. I find this stuff to be fairly potent in any case: a little goes a long way.

Gliss Kur Oil Nutrive Dream Hair hair oil

The spray nozzle isn’t the most practical. I find it dispenses too much in one go, which is why I prefer to spritz it first into my hands, before applying it to my hair. If I spray this on directly, it just leaves my hair greasy in patches as there is too much product concentrated onto one spot.

The product that comes out, looks like a clear oil. And that’s exactly what it is and feels like. It has a fairly pleasant sweet smell, but nothing too overpowering. I apply this onto towel dry hair as one of the last steps in my haircare routing. First I apply some of the wonder serum spray, then I apply this, then I part my hair and apply some texturizing spray and then I let it air dry.

The result? A near perfect, messy, not so frizzy look every time. If you are looking for a good hair oil that is not too oily, nor too pricey and gets the job done, then I highly recommend you check out this great product. It truly has changed my hair for the better: I haven’t used a hair mask since using this.

What is your favorite leave-in hair treatment?

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