7x practical fashion tips

Mostly, I use my Fashion Friday posts to talk to you about my wardrobe favorites, show off my style and give styling options for some of my staple pieces. Today I want to change things up. I already wrote a blog post about handy fashion tips back in 2012 and today I bring you 7 new tips that I use on a daily basis.

Don’t you hate shirts that gape open in your bust area?
There’s a simple trick to prevent them from doing so!

Tip #1: Wear a bandeau under a sheer shirt

Instead of layering tank top or t-shirts underneath a sheer shirt, I find that what works best is a bandeau. Either a nude, black, or other neutral color, but you can also play around with it and wear colors or patterns if you’d prefer that. I use bandeau tops all the time: underneath low cut v-neck t-shirts to minimize the amount of cleavage, but also with my sheer shirts. They are less bulky than a tank top or t-shirt, cannot ride up your belly if you forget to tuck it in properly, yet keep you covered up at the same time.

Tip #2: Wear a crop top with high waisted skirts

I own quite a few crop tops, yet hardly ever wear them. The reason why? Because I will only ever wear them with a high-waisted pair of bottoms. Jeans are an option, but I prefer to wear mine with skirts. I find it more flattering, more girly and skirts have less of a tendency to slide down on me. In short, with a crop top/ skirt combo is one of my favorites.

Tip #3: Wear sheer tights to prevent yourself from sticking to seats

I hate getting stuck to train and bus seats when I wear skirts. In winter it is less of a problem, as I will be wearing a thick set of tights anyway. But in summer, I just hate how my legs stick to everything. One trick to prevent this, is to wear a pair of barely there sheer tights that exactly match your skin tone. They shouldn’t be shiny, but matte and that way you won’t stick to anything anymore.

Tip #4: Own a black tight dress, skirt and shorts

This may seem like not much of a tip, but I think that you should at least own a set of black skin tight items that you can wear to layer underneath your clothes. You don’t have to go all out and buy expensive lingerie type items either: a pair of black cotton running shorts from H&M might do. I keep a tight body con tank top type dress to layer underneath other, more sheer dresses. The same goes for a skirt and the shorts I wear in summer to cover my bum when I wear a skater skirt.

Tip #5: Own a nude tank top and a nude pair of shorts

What goes for black items, goes for nude ones as well of course. But here I like to go for slightly different items. I usually use nude tank tops for layering underneath sheerer tops. Some button downs, but mostly sheer or textured tops that would expose a bit too much flesh for a work situation. The shorts I use mostly in summer. I like layering them underneath shorter dresses that have a lighter color. A black pair of shorts might show up too much, but with a nude pair you can pretty much wear anything.

Tip #6: Use a safety pin to keep button down dresses from flashing

If you have a bigger bust you know what I’m talking about. That amazing shirt, dress or top with buttons down the front? It fits you perfectly, but when you turn to the side, it leaves just a bit of a peek-a-boo into your bra. Too bad you might think. Easy to solve says I. You can simply take a safety pin and if the fabric is sturdy enough you should be able to pin it in such a way that you cannot see it, yet you are prevented from any mishaps such as spontaneously popping buttons.

Tip #8: Dry your clothes on hangers as much as possible (sweaters, cardigans, dresses, blouses)

I like to hang as many items in my wardrobe, but what I find is even better is to dry your clothes not folded over a clothes rack, but to let them dry on a hanger after washing. It may not be revolutionary, but if you’re like me and despise ironing clothes so much your ironing board withered away in a corner of the room, then hanging your clothes will make sure that almost everything will go into your closet crinkle free and retain its shape a lot better. It dries a lot faster too, which is an added bonus.

What are your fashion tips?

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