Favorite lilac fashion items

I know this spring pastels are a tad passé it seems, but I still love myself a good pastel. Lilac is a color I especially love wearing during spring time. I have a few items in that color ranging from accessories to blouses, a dress and even a cable knit sweater. I thought I’d show you my 5 favorite lilac items in my wardrobe, as I find it an easy way to spruce up my outfit and add a spring time appropriate pop of color.

Favorite lilac fashion items

That’s a lot of lilac!

If lilac is not your kind of color then I do apologize in advance, but I personally love it. Not only do I have clothing items with that color, but I have done countless nail polish looks with lilac nail colors as well as make up looks. I find lilac a very flattering shade with my eye color as it is not as stark as a straight up blue, yet still is bright and and fun. Yep, I am all about adding that pop of color and changing things up come spring time.

Oversized lilac chiffon blouse (American Apparel)

We’re starting off with the most interesting piece straight away. These chiffon shirts from American Apparel are unisex and one size only. This means that on me, this is a the longest, biggest, most oversized shirt ever. But that is why I like it. I wear it hanging loose and letting it drown out my frame, but also wear it tucked into a pair of jeans with a pair of sneakers for a fun casual vibe. If you are curious to see what this looks like on: I wore this in my very first ever lookbook which I did nearly two years ago and which you can find by clicking here.

Mint & lilac braided belt (H&M)

This belt is love! It is double sided, but the lilac side is the right way up as that is the way the buckle closes most easily. I found this on a whim at my local H&M seriously years ago and it is just one of those easy belts that you can throw on with a dress to add a pop of color or some interesting texture.

Lilac sleeveless button down blouse with lace bib detail (H&M)

How cool is this shirt?! I love wearing this with a pair of jeans or tucked into a skirt with a cardigan added on top. So this is definitely one for the cooler spring months, but still very wearable. In summer this could still work as it is sleeveless, but since the sheerness of this means you have to layer something underneath, I find this not the best for hot summer months. It is definitely an eye catching piece in my wardrobe.

Lilac bow hair clip (American Apparel)

Currently I cannot wear these kind of hair clips (I got a hair cut just this week and it is a fair bit shorter again), but back when my hair was longer and my go to hairstyle was a ponytail, I loved these type of hair clips. What I love about this most is how well made it is. The fabric keeps its shape nicely and this doesn’t just slide out of your hair within an instant.

Lace style lilac dress (H&M)

Now I am typing up this blog post, I figure out that all items featured are either H&M or American Apparel. Again, this dress is from a few years ago, but I styled it up just last year in a spring lookbook. In that same lookbook I am also wearing a lilac cable knit sweater that I got from H&M last year and which I forgot to include here. This dress is super comfy, fits nicely and is just a fun dress to wear to work with a cardigan or sweater on top.

Do you wear lilac? If not, what pastel items do you love?

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