Recipe: pesto potatoes with roasted chicken

What do you do when you have some spare pesto left in the fridge? Well you try and come up with a slightly different use of course. Where I love my pesto pasta both warm and cold, I decided to change it up ever so slightly and add it to a potato/ veggie mix. I grilled some chicken to go along with it and there you are: another super simple and quick meal that you will have whipped up in a jiffy.

Recipe: pesto potatoes with roasted chicken

Pesto potatoes with roasted chicken

I like these type of simple meals. Just a handful of ingredients and they taste great nonetheless. This dish doesn’t win the prize for the prettiest dish in the world, but then again, which of my concoctions does? What counts is that it’s delicious and super simple to make. Here’s what you need to make it.

Total time: 35 mins. Prep time: 15 mins. Cooking time: 20 mins. Serves: 4 – 6.


  • Potato slices
  • Pesto
  • Onion
  • Zucchini
  • Mushrooms
  • Chicken breast

At first I wanted to add the chicken to the larger pan and make this a one pan meal. But at the last minute I decided to switch it up and take out my griddle and roast my chicken. Not only makes it for a prettier looking dish, it also makes for a slightly healthier version.

Step 1: start by chopping up your veggies.

Step 2: put some oil in a large pan and add you onions. Let it sweat for a few minutes until glazed.

Step 3: add your potatoes. Toss them around until they start to become golden brown.

Step 4: add your zucchini.

Step 5: cut your chicken breast into slices and add to a large griddle. Make sure you keep an eye on your chicken as it can burn easily or become dry.

Step 6: add some flavorings to your pan. I went with a mixture of thyme, basil and oregano.

Step 7: add your mushrooms, wait for them to cook.

Step 8: now just let that sit for a while until your chicken is cooked.

Step 9: the final step is to add the pesto. This will add a lot of flavor. Again, let it simmer for a bit to let the flavors come together.

The final result is something like this. It’s just something different then always having pasta with your pesto. With some veggies and chicken added into the mix, this dish ticks all the boxes for me. Hopefully it does so for you too.

How do you like to use pesto?

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  1. Your recipe looked very tasty and I saved just so I can make it (I prepared everything by myself, including the pesto 🙂 ).
    I just finished eating it and jumped on the pc right away to let you know that everyone, including myself, loved it. The only different thing I did is that I put third of the pesto inside the mix and the rest of it I poured it on the dish itself so It can be/taste stronger.
    Thank you for this recipe and have a nice week 🙂

    Regards, Antidote 🙂

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