The Primark nightgown

This will be one of my least flattering and fashion forward blog posts. Because sometimes a staple in your wardrobe is just not that glamorous, but merely comfortable. And when I sleep, the latter is far more important than the first. So when it comes to sleepwear I swear by the most comfortable PJ I have found: it’s the Primark 100% cotton night gown.

Not so glamorous, but oh so comfy!

I bought one of these on a whim some years ago and have loved them ever since. They retail for around €6 a pop and are made of 100% cotton. I bought more expensive nightwear in the past, but most of it has some polyester fibers mixed in which makes it nothing but a sweaty and clingy ordeal. The fabric of these is super comfy and even when you get a little overheated during the night like I do, you’ll still be feeling okay rather than a sticky mess.

One of the reasons why I love this piece of nightwear is the fact that it keeps my legs nice and cool. I used to be so cold all the time, but for some reason that changed. I sleep with my legs on top of the covers more often than not. Since a nightgown is a bit longer than an average t-shirt you can still look semi decent while staying cool at the same time. Win-win situation right there!

Secondly, I love these because they come in the cheesiest prints ever. Polka dots, daisies, stripes, miniature florals… you name it and they have it. They stock a few different ones every season and I usually buy one or two when I am in Primark. They even have a cute bow and button detail at the top!

Better yet, what totally makes this a deal breaker for me is that they last a long time. I think I bought my first one 3 years ago and it’s still going strong. I simply rotate them by putting the one I last wore on the bottom of the pile, keeping a fresh one at the top at all times.

Primark simply does some of the best lounge and sleepwear and I just wanted to fess up my love for this one particular piece. You can usually find these in a big pile on one of their tables. The last time I was there (while in London) they did these cotton night shirts which a Harry Potter theme! My inner nerd did a little dance at that and I grabbed both. If you’re curious to see that, then stay tuned, because I have a video on Sunday where I show you one of my HP jammies.

Who knew a person could be so in love with something as simple as PJs, but I am. And I figured I’d spread that love and tell you all about my favorite pajamas. A tad random. A tad unfashionable. But that doesn’t phase me and I thought it would be fun to share something silly, yet totally true with you for a change.

What are your favorite jammies?

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