Max Factor Cappuccino Nudes eyeshadow palette

Max Factor, Cover Girl, so confusing when a brand operates under two different names in different countries! In any case, they have come out with three different neutral eyeshadow palettes and I decided to pick up one. This one is Cappuccino Nudes which is more cool toned (wait, cool toned shadows in the drugstore I hear you think, exactly my thoughts). The other two palettes consist of warm toned browns and rosy neutrals. I decided to pick up this one since it’s not every day that you find a seemingly good looking neutral shadow palette at the drugstore.

Max Factor Cappuccino Nudes eyeshadow palette

Max Factor Cappuccino Nudes eyeshadow palette

The first thing we need to address is its price point. At €19.99 a pop, this is a tad on the expensive side for a drugstore product. Granted I bought this in the UK where it retails for 14.99 pounds, making it a smidge cheaper, but still, this is quite a bit of money for something so basic and simple. It’s not as if there aren’t any other affordable neutral eyeshadow palettes out there.

So not the most unique of products, yet one that can appeal to many different people. The packaging is simple and straightforward, be it a bit cheap. The clear lid makes it easy to see the product, but they did sacrifice a decent sized mirror for that. The brush this comes with is nothing but a flimsy sponge tip applicator. Packaging wise, this feels like MUA or Wet N Wild, not Max Factor.

Naturally, it’s the inside that counts. What appealed to me most were the cool toned taupe shades in this palette. It also seems to have a decent dark shade, a matte and a shimmery highlight, a few good all over lid shades and the all important deal breaker: a transition shade for the crease. In total, you get 2 mattes, 2 satin mattes, and the other 4 are shimmers. The first thing I noticed is that this is the type of palette that will mostly fit fair skin tones. The first 4 shades are probably too light to show up nicely on darker skin tones.

  • Shade 1: shimmery off white/ cream highlight
  • Shade 2: matte off white/ cream highlight
  • Shade 3: shimmery pinky champagne
  • Shade 4: soft matte cool toned brown
  • Shade 5: light shimmery taupe
  • Shade 6: dark matte cool toned brown
  • Shade 7: medium shimmery taupe
  • Shade 8: deep matte charcoal grey

Max Factor Cappuccino Nudes eyeshadow palette

Pigmentation is more than okay. In fact, it is spot on. As predicted the first 4 shades are incredibly light, but still show up nicely. The two highlights in this palette are nearly and exact match to my skin tone which is why they hardly show up. Everything else has some very nice pigmentation. It’s probably not the most versatile, but if you’re into fuss free eye make up, then this is one for you.

The look I created with this palette is a soft, every day look. I used Shade 4 all over the lid. Shade 6 is in the crease and I transitioned using Shade 3. I used Shade 7 in the Outer V and added a touch of liner using Shade 8. I popped a touch of Shade 3 onto the center of the lid to brighten it up and I used Shades 2 and 1 on my brow bone and inner corner respectively.

As you can see this is the perfect every day look. Great for work, school and other occasions where a soft eye look is best suited. I personally love the fact that this has a cooler undertone. Drugstore brands are great at producing warm toned shadows which suit far more people. However, if you’re cool or neutral toned like me, then finding a cool toned palette can be that hidden gem.

Overall I think this is a good palette if you want to step up your game from a Catrice or NYC palette. If you’re used to using budget brands, then this will definitely feel like a step up both in quality, blendability and durability. These shadows last and the look you can create with it is very pretty.

Do you need this palette though? If, like me, you have an extensive make up collection, then there is no need to be adding this to your collection. However, if you’re running out of your favorite neutral shadows, are willing to spend a bit more money on a drugstore item and are simply in the market for a cool toned neutral palette, then this one’s for you. I do have to stress that I find the price quite steep for such a simple palette with shoddy packaging, no matter how pretty and well-formulated these shadows are.

What is your favorite neutral eyeshadow palette from the drugstore?

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