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The end of the school year is coming closer and that means hectic and frantic times. I don’t know what it is about June, but those final weeks before the summer hols are always mayhem. It leaves little time for sleep and thus, I always try to catch a few extra minutes, meaning I have to cut down on my make up time. Throughout the years I have honed my quick make up application skills and have a few products that will make a huge difference, yet the entire look takes just 5 minutes to throw on. Great if you still want to look nice, but are in a hurry.

All you need are 7 products and you’re out the door! Let’s GOOOOooooo!

The picture above shows you all the options I would select from if I’m in a hurry. So even though the picture shows more products, it does factor in 7 different categories that I would definitely use for a quick make up look. My main tip is: go for easy to apply products, in universal shades, that do not need a lot of precision. So forego the winged liner and bold statement lip. This is the type of look that looks best if it is a tad bit messy.

Brow gel – My first must have quicky product is brow gel. You can use clear if you like to go for something super natural, but I prefer a tinted one. Simply because it kills two birds with one stone: you groom your brows, add some definition AND fill them in ever so slightly. Especially if you go for a brow gel with added fibers, such as Benefit’s Gimme Brow (or Essence’s cheaper alternative) you will have an instant brow look.

Concealer/ corrector – The next product would be a concealer or corrector. Because we need something to cover those bags and dark circles! It is the part of my face that makes me look the most tired, so the best way to instantly lift your look is to apply concealer on the under eye area, and anywhere else you feel you need it. Opt for a peach toned corrector if dark circles are a bigger problem for you: the color will conceal that problem area best.

Powder – A powder that functions a bit like a foundation is another must for me. When I am in a hurry, my MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural is the best to do so. It has a little bit of coverage, keeps away the shine for most of the day and it blends in my concealer. Yes you got that right: I simply leave the foundation for what it is. If I have blemishes I will simply use a little bit of concealer to cover them up and top it up with a slightly more higher coverage powder. Much quicker!

Cream eyeshadow – The amount of times cream shadow saved the day are many! Be it in stick form or in my favorite pot form: it is quick and super easy. I try to go for shimmery versions that are easy to blend with my fingers. It is quick, it is easy and it makes for an instant look within seconds. If you’re smart you pick a slightly bronzy shade: if you blend is softly into the crease, it will look completely different.

Mascara – Because it is simply the best way to open up your eyes and make it look like you made an effort.

Blush – A touch of blush to add some color to the cheeks is something much needed on my pale face. Of course you can change this up for bronzer if that is more your cup of tea. Or maybe your skin tone already has a bit of color to it. That is great. I still like adding a tad of flush, to make me look more lively and awake. A bright pink or touch of coral work best I find.

Tinted lipbalm – If I cannot be moved to do much make up, wearing a full on matte lip, also looks a little bit strange. That is why I choose to wear more natural shades, that are sheer and balmy. The best part is that you can throw these on while running out the door as you don’t even need a mirror to apply them. The added benefit? Balms are much better for your lips, so your lips stay hydrated all day!

What products would you wear if you had to do a quick make up look?

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