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Do you know that game, painted by numbers? Well this very final music ABC post is a bit like that, but then with music. For the final installment of my music ABC, I decided to pick my favorite tracks which titles feature a number. Because all is dandy, when you go through your music favorites from A-Z but of course that would leave out this one massive gap! So to round up, here are my 5 favorite songs that start with a number.

3s and 7s – Queens of the Stone Age

I love me some rock from time to time. And this is one of my favorites. From the brilliant riffs to the screeching guitars, this song makes me rock out hard!

15 Step – Radiohead

Radiohead is a brilliant band, though I didn’t start appreciating their music properly until a few years ago. Through this track actually. It was featured on the Twilight soundtrack and that had me delved into my music collection only to found that there are many other Radiohead tracks that I already knew, but that I didn’t know were Radiohead. The band, and this track, are best enjoyed live though.

1234 – Feist

The cuteness factor of this track and video are such a contrast with the previous two songs. The best part? Feist rewrote the song so it could be featured on Sesame Street and teach kids how to count. Major kudos to her for doing that!

1957 – Milo Greene

Indie tracks will forever end up on my favorites lists and this is no exception. I have no clue who or what Milo Greene is just that I enjoy this fusion of poppy folky music vibes with harmonizing and catchy tunes.

1979 – RAC ft. Liz Anjos (Smashing Pumpkins Cover)

Covers are usually not my preferred tracks to listen to, but sometimes there is just this hidden gem. The original by Smashing Pumpkins is already brilliant, but changing the vocals to be sung by a very innocent sounding female rather than a raspy male changes the total vibe of the song. Add on some summery mojo and you have a great summer track.

What are your favorite tracks that feature numbers?

P.S. If you would like to have a look at my entire Music ABC, then feel free to type this phrase in the comment list at the top of the page. It will take you to the full list, starting with the Z, going all the way back to A which I first posted 2 years ago.

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