Vintage style dresses

Dresses are some of my favorite clothing items. It took a while to find the styles that are most flattering on me, but once I did I quickly realized that my favorite types of dresses are with a vintage cut silhouette. None of the dresses I’m about to show you are vintage, but each dress features elements of essential vintage styles ranging from the 20s to the 50s. I thought I’d talk you through my favorite vintage style dresses that hold a special spot in my wardrobe.

Vintage style dresses

H&M Trend Photo print skater dress

The type of dress you’ll find most of in my wardrobe are skater dresses. A skater dress is nothing more that a dress that singes in around the waist and has a flared out skirt. Some skater dresses flare out more than others. This one has a medium flare. It is made of a scuba material and has a bright print, which makes it a bit more current, but the cut of this is very 50s (though the skirt would have been a lot longer).

Topshop polka dot cream shirt collared dress
Mint & Berry cream & mint peter pan collar dress with harmonica pleated skirt

A shirt dress is possible also a major vintage style dress. These don’t button down all the way, but have a shirt front from the waist up. The Topshop dress has an elastic to singe in your waist and add that flared skirt element that I love. The pointed collar makes this dress the perfect blend of a men’s shirt tied to a skirt. I love styling this up with a sturdy shoe like a Dr. Marten.

The Mint & Berry dress was a very spontaneous purchase. I bought this from Zalando, a website I usually don’t frequent. But this dress just caught my eye. I love the muted colors. What makes the dress for me is the harmonica pleated skirt. The rounded collar gives it a cute look and you know your dress looks vintage when your grandma loves your dress because it reminds her of a dress that she used to wear in the 40s. Just saying.

ZARA drop waist overlay dress with crinkle skirt
M&S lace cocktail dress with v-neck

Time to rep the 20s and 30s! I wore these dresses to my friend’s vintage party when I wanted to dress up in a period style. The ZARA dress I bought years ago to wear to a uni gala party. Years later I found that it is the perfect 20s style dress as it has a longish flowy skirt, with a drop waist and bare shoulders and a sexy decolletage.

M&S does not stand for Marks & Spencers here. M&S is a store here that caters to older women and I saw this on a mannequin in their window when I was a student. I always hung on to it, and found it a perfect 30s/ 40s movie star dress. It is again a little bit longer, it hugs my curves perfectly and has a v-neck on the front and the back, adding to the sexiness.

Urban Outfitters navy & poppy print button through dress
Asos floral pleated bib with peter pan collar dress

For these two dresses it isn’t so much the cuts that make these vintage looking, but the patterns. Florals are definitely a print that have been around for years. And if you’re curvy like me, a good floral can make your figure come out much better than anything that isn’t printed. I love the Urban Outfitters dress as it has a 100% button through placate. It ties in the back which means you can add a little bit more of a waist to this if you’d like. The shirt lapels on this finish off the vintage vibes.

Finally, this Asos dress has the perfect vintage looking floral print. The fabric of this is a bit shiny, but if this would have been a cotton or otherwise more textured fabric, it would have looked like a carpet or curtain. Add on the peter pan collar and pleated detail on the front, paired with the flared out skater style and you have a perfect vintage inspired style dress.

How do you wear vintage styles?

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