5x favorite prints

I love a good print in my clothing. Especially in spring/ summer, I love decking myself out in a good print. Prints can be worn year round of course, but especially the brighter ones, I tend to love during this time of year. There is nothing that speaks to me like a fun printed dress to spruce up my summer wardrobe! I thought I’d share with you my 5 favorite prints that I cannot get enough of.

Can you guess what my favorites are?

In this selection there are a few monochrome prints, as well as some colorful ones. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have items in my closet that have those prints in different colors. I have many floral printed items in my wardrobe, from more light and bright ones to more muted and dark ones. I find that the color scheme of the print is what makes it appropriate for a certain time of year, not the print itself. I tend to wear darker shades during fall/ winter and the brighter ones during spring/ summer.

New Look monochrome polka dot print cropped top

Polka dot print is definitely my number 1 print. Where it can look a tad childish if worn incorrectly, polka dot prints are still a staple in my wardrobe. I still have many dresses, shirts and skirts with this pattern. It all comes down to how you style it. I like to wear a top like this with a flirty skirt and the key to this print is to have a monochrome palette to keep it classy.

Only plaid fleece button up shirt

Plaid print is a print I don’t wear too often during this season, but it is a staple in my fall wardrobe. Especially in the shape of a plaid flannel shirt. I have a few that are red & blue, monochrome and even one with a hint of purple, but this one has to be my favorite. It has an oversized, masculine fit and I can throw this one with nearly everything.

H&M black & white striped cropped top

Stripes are another one of those staples that cannot be missing from any wardrobe I feel. Again, this is a very versatile little print. From tops to bottoms: a good stripe can make or break any outfit. I prefer mine black and white but I don’t put it beyond myself to be putting in a little bit of color. I have yellow and white striped skater dress that I love for instance!

Asos tropical print skater dress

Tropical print is one that I only like if it is done right. Like the one in this dress! For the longest time I wanted to have a dress with a palm tree print and I couldn’t find it anywhere, until I spotted this. The fit of this is spot on and I love how the palm trees look ‘real’ rather than very stylized and printed. The entire dress just breathes bounty island, and that’s exactly what I like about tropical print.

Forever 21 bright floral skater skirt

Last but not least is the floral print. I think that when it comes to dress, that florals are the print you will find most in that section of my closet. I own a few floral skirts and pants, but it is simply my favorite print to put on a dress. It comes in so many varieties and so many different colors and different flowers that I find endless prints that I like and love to wear. This dress is one of my favorites and the reason? Its print of course! I love the colors and tiny roses.

What prints are in your top 5?

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