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It’s officially summer! And that means it’s time for shorts. Lots and lots of shorts. This year I had a major shorts craving and I indulged madly. But there are a few staples that I keep in my wardrobe no matter what. These shorts come with me on vacation, have been worn to festivals as well as during any old hot summer’s day. This is them.

I wouldn’t know how I’d get through summer without any of these shorts.

Myself and shorts have a bit of a love/hate relationships. To be quite honest, shorts aren’t the most flattering look on me. A skirt yes, because that flows out, but shorts? Not so much my cup of tea. So finding shorts that a) fit me b) are comfortable and c) look go on is always a challenge. You can imagine how happy I am with these pairs and that’s why I’ve had these for quite some time.

Topshop highwaisted denim shorts

The first pair I’d like to show you is this super highwaisted pair of denim shorts. I bought these a good 5 years ago in Dublin and I have kept them since. Because of their super highwaisted fit they are much more flattering than all those low cut shorts out there. It has some fun faded detail on the fabric and it is short, but since it is fitted, it doesn’t show your butt cheeks. Very important when wearing shorts!

H&M Pink denim shorts

I remember buying these for €5 euros in some random sale a few years ago. I had had my eye on them for some time but they were sold out the entire time. And then they came back and instantly went on sale for a third of their original price. I wear these every summer and they are a true staple. I like to pair them with a good pair of sandals and a bright colored top to create a color block effect.

H&M Khaki cotton shorts

This is the most recent pair of shorts in this post. I bought this last year. I love the look of khaki green, but I don’t own too many items in that color unfortunately. I wore it religiously on my trip to the States last year so this has some good memories attached to it. I prefer to pair this with a plain white t-shirt, or a stripey top. Chuck on a pair of tan sandals and you pretty much have my hot weather uniform in a nutshell.

H&M Lace white shorts

I bought this pair of shorts a while ago because I wanted to own a pair of white lace shorts. And now it is all the rage. These currently do not fit me very well anymore, but I’m still keeping them as they are so cute and dainty. I like wearing this with a bright patterned boxy blazer on top and a pair of chunky white heels. These are perfect for a super hot day a swell as they are 100% cotton and keep everything nice and breezy.

H&M Black pleather shorts

Perhaps not the best pair of shorts to be wearing in a heatwave, but this pair of pleather shorts is still a staple for me. I prefer to wear this with some dressier items on top. A white button up blouse paired with a good pair of heels will do the trick just fine. And it is always a good idea to keep a pair of shorts for those colder days. Especially with the weather we’ve been having lately, a pair of shorts that is a tad warmer makes for a good addition.

What shorts do you like to wear in the summer time?

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  1. Suus Avatar

    Years and years ago I got a pair of Diesel Gold label shorts on a whim. At the time I still thought that there was something wrong with my knees, and I would never wear shorts. But these were 80% discounted, with a faded splotchybprint on black silk, with some lace around the bottom.
    These shorts changed my life! They are just wide enough to not feel constricting in the heat, hit loosely just above the hip, can be dressed up or down, and are neither too short nor unflatteringly long.
    I swear that it was thanks to these shorts that I finally realized that there is nothing wrong with my knees. They are almost 8 years old now, and they still look pretty good. I am taking them to Thailand on Wednesday, where I suspect they may finally succumb to old age. And I will miss them for the rest of my life when they do.

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Aw I hate when that happens: when you know one of your faves ready for the graveyard. I’ve had that happen to me with shoes a lot lately. So many super comfy shoes I had suddenly just died on me. Such a shame, but luckily that makes for a good excuse to do a spot of shopping. 😉

  2. Jolet Avatar

    Leuke items! Ik ben dol op shorts!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Ben benieuwd wat jouw favorieten zijn!

  3. baublesandknots Avatar

    Ah shorts are so tricky! I’ve been buying highwaists lately love the coverage tummy & cheeks 😆

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      That’s what I usually go for as well. And I like all the floaty ones out there this season. So comfy!

  4. Mariska Avatar

    Ze zijn allemaal echt super leuk! Ik heb een spijkershort met flamingo print, dat is wel een favorietje 😛

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Oh haha die klinkt geweldig!

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